Cold Weather Holding Pattern

It is still quite warm here in the western state I reside in. Still alot of green leaves and grass. So the thought of traipsing around all bundled up in sweaters and coats really isn’t upon me yet. But I’m getting excited about that traipsing that will soon be here. I am a little ahead of the game here since I can make my own weather!

I revisited a shop that I had not in too long a time, Freesoul. it has to have been about this time last year that I first visited. I was really impressed with the clothing and the store. Freesoul is one of those shops that will put together an outfit to buy instead of having the shirt in five colors and letting you mix and match, not that you can’t, but it is not the main premise of the store. I believe all of the outfit pieces are sold separately and the first time I visited I think I did the math and figured that buying the outfit saved you no money over buying them individually, it was just a one step sort of deal to make it easier; buy, look completed, go out and be cute. Simple shopping for those who don’t really want to take the time to dig around in their inventories. The outfits that are put together are very cute and super wearable but you are gonna pay for that whole outfit, most are in the 500, 600 dollar range (if memory serves)

So in my visit last night I went for separate pieces that I had gotten wind of. I did a scan of the store when I first got there and it has really grown, great men’s fashions and a body shop (I didn’t head in there) the woman’s wear went on and on and I had to curb my want to buy. I found the reason for my visit this super chic coat and while I was at it some really great jeans. The coat is just prim and texture love. I love the large plain look and the color combination is great. I had to do no prim adjustment though I can see on some bodies alot would need to be done. No never mind, I had to adjust the collar because of my AO. If I didn’t love it so much I would get a new one… Anywhoo, the jeans are chalk full of awesomeness. They sit relatively high up on your waist but are a delicious dark color and the prim cuffs and texture are out of this world realistic! All prim pant cuffs should be so lucky to be this well done. I do wish the pockets sat a bit higher on the bum but that is not a deal breaker. Freesoul does however brand everything with their store name, which frankly I cannot stand but whatever advertise however you must, huh?

Because I was feeling so lala chi chi I needed some great stilettos with a pointy toe (which oddly I think I have only one pair of) I also wanted it to pick up that beautiful magenta line in the coat. I have seen the Detour shoes in gold on many people and though I might try there and hope. Well they aren’t magenta but a spicy red that given the distance and the small line in the coat I don’t really think you can tell! These are great shoes, love the shiny look and nice high skinny heel. Great and girly with the large pant cuff. To cute it up a bit I added a handbag (which i never do) and so super cute sunglasses. I feel all grown up and ready to drink some coffee and read the paper, well maybe avoid the paper, tis totally depressing! I’ll Plurk instead!! Have a day kiddies!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tunnel Multi Set from The Body Politik
Sunglasses – Sleek Visor Sunglasses in Grey purple lenses from VG Republic
Jacket – White caro wool jacket from Freesoul
Handbag – Eydie Handbag in magenta from MM Luxe
Jeans – Julia dark jeans from Freesoul
Shoes – Glamour Metallic Pumps in red from Detour

Photos taken in New York City

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