Engaging Purple

I was home yesterday with my friend Kim and she was changing through clothes and she had a series of tops that I was just ohh’ing and ahh’ing over. I had to back track her and ask her where she had gotten them. Pixel Dolls she said. It occurred to me that I had not been over there in some time. So off I went with Kim in tow to see what was about and find me some cute tops. Sadly the one I was seeking was no more but I found plenty to keep me busy.

I remember when I first came upon Pixel Dolls and how blown away I was at the incredible textures and the sheer volume of items to be had. I went a little crazy snapping things up left and right. Today’s trip had me with a little more restrained but as always I am floored by the skills of Nephilaine Protagonist. I found this beautiful laced corset top and just had to have it. The corset is layered over a violet top that is light and shows the amazing lace detail. Everything about the top is intricate and lacy. the straps (though  little hard to see over the shrug) are lovely scalloped lace and crafted well so they don’t look odd on the shoulders, I have seen many a tank strap get eaten by the shoulders). I especially like the grey silk ribbon tie around the neckline, is it a nice touch and visually gives nice depth. 

I was going with a whole purple and black theme (cause a friend said it was a good combo) and I love the shrugs at LaLa Foo Foo’s. In all applicable layers, this great waffle knit adds a really neat texture to the lace and sleek pants. It all tied in beautifully with the jewelry I chose. You can’t see the chandelier earrings but they match the lovely amethyst bracelet. It has touch metal change with four metals, gold, bronze, copper and as I have I set silver. I threw on some black pants with a nice flared pant cuff and one of the many incredible shoes from Maitreya the Chi Chi pumps.

The thing I think truly makes this outfit is the incredible skin i a wearing. It is a rare day that I go on about my skin but the newest release from Popfuzz Bamboo, called Glamour. This particular skin is Bronze skin tone in Purple. I am just in love with it! I am one of those people who change their skin everyday. New outfit, new skin. I can actually see myself wearing this skin (in different colors) on a more regular basis and have been. I haven’t slipped into another skin all weekend! There is a wide variety of  makeup options and skin tones. In each purchase you get a dark brow and a tintable option, a undershirt cleavage enhancer (which I have never had before and whoa Nelly! <3 for the tots) and socks with sandal toes. The shading and highlights on the skin is mouth watering and though the nipple is a little large and light for my liking it’s not a deal breaker when the rest of the skin is so over the top soft and lovely! individual skins and fat packs are available so really you need to go and grab a demo or four and check them out! thanks to Popfuzz for creating such wonderful skins, you made me look great!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Amethyst Jewel Chandelier Earrings in silver metal from MM Luxe
Shrug – Waffle Knit Logo Shrug in Charcoal from LaLa FooFoo
Top – Drifter Long Top in Violet from Pixel Dolls
Bracelet – Amethyst Jewel Bangle in silver metal from MM Luxe
Pants – Highwaisted pants (part of set) from GG’s Boutique
Shoes -ChiChi Pumps in Black Velvet from  Maitreya

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