Fire and Ice

I have been fairly distracted of late. The kind of good distraction that has you rushing about. I’m just needing to be many places at the same time or at least it seems so to me. I’m not complaining of course, i’m rather happy to have these current distractions. I had a few minutes to myself the other day and was pouring over some very neglected notecards I have collected. As it turns out I was missing out on quite a few goodies so out I went.

The main item I needed to acquire for my burgeoning inventory was this great sweater and scarf set from Sn@tch. Sn@tch is a great store and Ivy has done a knock out job of stocking it with all forms of hot items to adorn your body. Her latest releases have really bowled me over. This cashmere sweater comes in a heap of colors and the chenille scarf is loaded with great texture change options. It is a great set to have not only because it is cute but having a scarf such as this can accompany any number of outfits. Of course it comes in all applicable layers and won’t set your pocketbook back unreasonably.

I paired it up with some adorable cropped pants from Aleri Darkes. I love the ruffled cuff on these. They have a really nice movement when you walk. Though you can’t see it they have a great waistline sort of a folded over swath of fabric gives it a really soft look. The texturing throughout is nicely done as I am a big fan of hand drawn and these simple pants don’t disappoint. To tie in the black of the scarf i went with a high knee boot. Lyra Muse has given you the option to wear a resizeable leg piece or a invisiprim. I think the invisiprim is just so dang smart. The shine of the leather is great too and I like that the foot is very realistic and not overly pointy. I dressed the whole look up with the new Fragile glass jewelry creations from Flirt. I love this jewelry, super inventive. The earrings were a gift from the Glamour Expo and Vain so make sure and snap those up.

Lastly as I did on Monday I am gonna share with you the skin I am wearing. it is a new line from Aleri Darkes. These are a really nice skin, The shading and highlights are well done, nice definition on the collarbones which is a favorite place of mine. The eyebrows are edible they are so nicely done. my only problem area is the mouth. The rest of the skin is very clear and the mouth seems to be a little less clear i also noticed a bit of smudging on the chin right under the lower lip. Not a big noticeable thing but a little clean up I would think. The nethers are quite nice and you get your option of coverage. The nipples are similar to the mouth and not quite clear but are a good size and subtle color if they were only a little crisper looking. Crisp nipples? Twas the only thing I could think of. On a whole the skin is worth a look for sure. Now I am off to get myself into some trouble. See you back here tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Earrings – FRAGILE! BLUE Glass from ~flirt~ (Glamour event gift)
Top – Cashmere Sweaters & Scarf in blue and black from Sn@tch
Bracelets – FRAGILE! Split By Glass from ~flirt~
Pants – Seattle Bottoms in Black from Aleri Darkes
Shoes – Liah – Onyx Foot from Jaywalk

Photos taken at Rouge Lounge

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