Primary Tones

I remember when I first rezzed that if something was not in an outfit I didn’t know what to do with myself. man those were the days, huh? No, I think not. As soon As I figured out that it didn’t all have to come in one big shiny box I was set. I love coming up with the pieces that will work together and compliment. I have been working on this one for ages and I have to say I think I am quite happy with how it all came together.

I love jewel tones and things that have a sateen sheen. I am a conglomeration of both of those things in this super comfy yet classy look. I have had these pants from old truth forever. I have always tried to pair things up with then and never really been happy. They have a really nice loose feel. I love the sort of wrinkled appearance. I originally bought them cause I was looking for a riding pant and they have that sort of look from the back but it was not quite right with the outfit so they have been sitting.

Then on my first trip to Gbberish I saw this adorable sweater vest and instantly thought of my Truth pants. The sweater vest is well done, nice crisp texture and I likve the color combination. Primary colors just deeper darker. When I tried it on with the pants I was really happy with the compliment but I felt bare armed. I wanted a casual top and thought back to a post my friend Stacie had done and so off I went to Armidi and picked up this beautiful button down shirt is rolled sleeves and prim collar. It completely finished the look. The gold is beautiful and the sheen mirrors the pants and finally something that I could wear my pants with.

I dressed it up with a few pretty jewelries, the necklace and earrings are a set from DarkMouse’s fall collection. I loved that it attached to my neck without the shirts prim collar coming off. I am good at the copy paste but was really not wanting to deal with it. Thank goodness for small favors. It is a nice set very intricate and I like that the gold is not that super shiny I can see it from space gold. It also comes in silver. I also threw on a bangle set in dark woods and tortoise shell that was an exclusive color gift from Aphrodite Creations. Tis all, gonna keep this relatively short today. Tomorrow is Friday and I couldn’t be happier!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Retro Glamour Coral Set in gold from DarkMouse
Top – Cambridge Gold Afrillia from Armidi {Gisaci}
Sweater – Old Brompton Knitted Vest (Mayfair Vintage) from Gbberish
Bracelets – Bangle & Quattro (Exclusive color group gift) from Aphrodite Creations
Pants – Loose Fit Cargo in olive from Truth
Shoes – Kahakai gold normal brightness from R2

Photos taken at September Rain Rainforest

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