Coffee? Tea? Me?

I wish I was a builder. That I could make some of the things I see in my mind and make the in “reality” in our metaverse. I was looking for a coffee shop with little outdoor tables and cobblestone streets. A quaint little shop that has rich warm textures and when you walk in you can almost the coffee and pastries. The closest I could get to was Emvee Cafe in Cuba, but oh what a beautiful sim. The incredible texture work is what I was wanting and in that case Emvee does not disappoint.

My outfit started off with this recent release from Kurotsubaki. It is a beautifully done skirt with layers of patterned and laced panels. The waist is a sculpted piece that looks to be a rolled or folded tube of fabric. The wide rounded look of it lends to draw in your waist and considering the jacket I wore that was even more accentuated. No one tortures prims like mirai Jun of Cubic Effect does and his textures are simply outstanding! This jacket is so soft and warm looking and the detail?! Notice little things like the zipper and the scrunched up look on the sleeves. Expertly done!

Because the jacket just alone would have left me feeling pretty bare I chose a bodysuit in a dark drey with black lace that I though tied nicely to both the jacket and the skit. It also came down low enough that it snuggled up inside the skirt. I decided to pull the burgundy out of the skirt and I knew I had the perfect shoe, a sassy little wedge with a cute ankle tie added even more than just color.

I had to of course have some jewels and when I need something customizable I always turn to my adored Kesseret. This lovely necklace and earring set called Poseidon’s Treasure is new and is currently only available at the Jewelry Expo. I am always drawn to a setting that is square with round stones and this set has intricate details. I also an wearing the Antonia ring that is delight of metal diamonds and a large princess cut center stone. Then set the stones to ruby to nicely match to the rest of my outfit. What a week, talk about Cerrie Roller Coaster! I promise this weekend I am going to get the Lucky Chair list up. Don’t forget to look for posts from Stacie and happy weekend to everyone!

Wearing ~

Earrings – *KK* Solitaire Earrings Dollarbie
Jewelry Set  (Necklace and Bracelet) – *KK* Poseidon’s Treasure Bracelet
Top – [Intimizzio] Chiara di Luna – Hallow Gray
Jacket – !_Ce_Cubic effect Full Sculpted Knit Jacket(Dark gray)
RIng – *KK* Antonia Ring
Skirt – *KUROTSUBAKI* boro_skirt
Shoes – Maitreya – Sassy Velvet Burgundy

Photos taken at Emvee Cafe

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