I’m running late late today so this is gonna be short and sweet. I have been visiting places that are by no means new to our metaverse nor really new to me. I have just not been to patronize in a very long time. As it turns out that was a silly move on my part as I find I am drawn to everything they have.

My lala count thanks me for this perhaps… I stopped in to Jaywalk because I have been plurking and I have seen all sorts of new goodies thanks to my plurking friends. jay walk had a heap of things that I just loved but the cute top stopped me in my tracks. I love the color combination. I love yellow and white together but the addition of the grey and black just punched it up! There is little detailing like buttons on the sleeves of the arms that a variation on the pattern around the cuffs and waist. 

I paired it up with a daring new release from Stellar Designs called Striptease. It is a scripted “tear away” skirt and suspender-ed top. It is so dang sexy that I decided to give my assets a break and shoot pictures at home. The likes of the panties are really well done and don’t bleed off into your skin which does tend to happen. I put on some cute little knees socks and Tuxedo shoes from Shiny things to wrap up the outfit. I’m not sure when or where I got my jewelry, it’s from Tuli. Nice messy necklace and bangle. Cute and they complimented the over all colors. Such a bonus. Sexy poses for my sexy outfit come from LAP, of course, my long time love of Dove is ever growing. Ok all I’m off. Ta and have wonderday rest of the day!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Large Diamond Hoop Earring from DarkMouse
Necklace and Bangle – Messy bracelet ~ steel from  []::Tuli::[]
Top – Isabeli Sweater ~ Sunshine from Jaywalk
Skirt – Striptease from Stellar Designs
Socks – Canimal Stockings ~ Black w/ Grey from Jaywalk
Shoes – Tuxedo pump – black  from Shiny Things

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