Easy Breezy


Well a day late and more than a few dollars short, I’m finally here with something. Funny how RL just bowls ya over and wears ya out. I will not take 100% credit for this look. I was inspired from a commercial on TV. I don’t relly like spending hours in front of the TV, but Heroes is the end all be all and I would not could not miss it. Bonus since it got my brain in gear about a look. I do tend to find ideas in the strangest places.

It was a makeup commercial for a new foundation and ever the cute Drew Barrymore was in it and she had on a white shirt and a khaki jacket. So when one needs to find a really great jacket one must go to Muism. Which I did, and found this most amazing shiny leather jacket. It comes in quite a few colors and retails at 600 clams but oh my goodness. It is, as far as benchmarks go, like up there! It comes in the long sleeve I am wearing as well as a rolled sleeve and the flexi jacket comes in 2 sizes. Beautiful work and knock out detailing. I love the cuffs and collar. I’m weird but I adore straps. Underneath I just grabbed a simple tank that was part of a vest ensemble from Camie Coopers shop It’s All Good. She has a great selection of tops and other retro funky wear and all at easily swallowed prices.

I was having a really tough time with what to wear on my lower half. I started out with a peasant skirt that is adorable but just looked all wrong. I didn’t want to wear jeans since I do that alot. I wanted some nice sleek skinny khaki pants and the only store that I could think might have them is closed for revamping. So I turned to my Last Call folder and pulled out the jodhpur pants (also called riding pants) that are part of the Hunt Club outfit. Not exactly what I was wanting but by far the best option I had come upon. The belt was the only part that stayed after the skirt left. I thought that the splash of turquoise would really set off the outfit and I was right. I love the depth that it added. For shoes I could have gone quite a few different directions but I chose to fancy it up a bit and went with the foot portion of Maitreya’s Dune boots. I do love the heel and the shape it gives your foot. The ring I am wearing is a recent lovely found at the Jewelry Expo. Expo, Hunt, Fair, Showcase. These are words and places I should avoid. I am a spend-meister and these things mean to me massive dumps of money. But this ring is so pretty. Bright silver and an red opal stone. baubles make me so happy. Ok off I go. See you all tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bounded Elegance Earring – Copper from Miriel
Top – Short Double Buttond Vests (White) from It’s All Good
Jacket – Skinny Biker Jacket Brown from Muism
Ring – Oval Stone Ring (Silver/Red) from Cailyn’s
Belt – Concho Belt WHT (stomach) from THE CLOSET
Pants – Hunt Club Contrast Jodhpurs (pants fit) from Last Call
Shoes – Dune (Wide) in Brown from Maitreya

Photos taken at DP Serendipity

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