Two Sides of the Same Coin


Someone asked me last night how long I have known my good friend Kimberlee; I think we are approaching a year. Time has flown and she is my most favorite person to take pictures with, mostly because she lets me be all picky and bossy, but we won’t tell her that. We both find shopping to be a little bit of chicken soup for the soul so when she said “Let’s go shopping” I am of course not going to decline. 

I took her off to a shop that I love but have not really had a reason to go and just buy buy. I was picking out adorable things for her to wear when we hit the tops section and saw these really sexy tops. They are a configuration of lace, fabric and metal. Our most basic response to them was ‘Sexy’. As it turns out the top is all prim. It does take a bit of adjusting but when it is finally settled it should just skim your backside and hide your more precious parts up front. As Kim and I typically do we chose different colors and there are many different options on that front.

Since the top is so revealing and small we decided pants or leggings were going to be best with a shape that I made to give us some added curve. Those pants are the ever shiny metallic leggings from League. I like these pants for a whole laundry list of reasons. The texture gives them the most awesome shine. I have seen some things really botched with bad textures, but these are so spot on. I also love that like a real legging these next-best-thing-to-skin pants have a bit of a scrunched cuff at the ankle, which also breaks up the long line of leg. We chose silver to bring out the bright metal in our top; they also come in several other jewel tones.

Kim had showed up wearing these great earrings I am betting she spied at the Jewelry Expo (cause I saw them there too) and because I hadn’t gotten them and they looked great with the outfit I felt it was a perfect reason for me to get them too! While were were at kraftika I saw this beautiful solitaire ring also in the bright silver so knew that was a must. We finished it all off with the stiletto heels in a shiny black.

Now the very best part of all of this, aside from spending Q time with Kim, were the great couple poses we got at Reel Expression. I think I own just about all of them, they are so great. I did have a really hard time with adjusting them. The pose sets come with a preloaded drop pose and also individual poses but it was already late and I had to send Kim off to bed. There is also an odd white platform that is on all the pose balls. I never quite figured out why that was there but I made it work. Non the less I love how they posed us up all cute like. Worth the 200 per pose, just go with plenty of money cause you will want them all. Thanks to both Kim and Gage for buying me poses, you’re both keepers!

Wearing ~

Earrings – No 121 Earrings from kraftika
Top –
   Cerrie’s – Red lace prim top II from Freesoul
   Kim’s – Black lace prim top II from Freesoul
Bracelet –
   Cerrie’s – Silver Beaded Bangles from Slink
   Kim’s – Flow Color Change Bracelet from Purple Rose
Ring – No101 ring (dollarbie in store) from kraftika
Pants – Metallic Shine leggings in Silver from League
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos – Black Leather (Ffreebie) from Maitreya

Photos taken at my home studio

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