All Things Shiny

I have a pretty simple look. I don’t wear tons of pieces of clothing and accessories. I’m like that in the real as well. I like well made pieces that speak for themselves without needing a ton of fuss to detract from the actual outfit. Not to say I can’t accessorize with the best of them. Today I just needed something simple and low fuss though there is nothing simple about the items I chose to wear.

So if you read this blog often you will know that I am not one of those see it, buy it, blog it types. Not that I have not wanted to just have always felt the feeds were so uber full of the same thing that good blogs get overlooked cause it is post after post of the same thing. With that small caveat I bring you Riddle’s new shoulder top. This is the cutest top, and it has no wonky lines. So many times I will get an off the should number and have it look weird because of pulled areas or the armpit area will look bizarre. But this is all too good and comes in some really tasty lovely colors. I am seeing quite a few interesting color combos these days and I am lovin’ it! I ended up with three of these because the outfits I was putting together just weren’t meshing so good thing I love this top… Then finally came down to this love chocolate and tan combo or as named Latte. Now I want one.

Was feeling a little girly and I have been wanting to wear a skirt for a few days so out came my favorite skirt (it’s more like coolots) from Cubic Effect the lovely tiered skirt. Now it would be o lovely if I could have just tinted it a little and oddly one piece will tint but not the leg pieces. Oh well, I like my lattes pretty light, LOL (I crack myself up). For my feets I chose something that has been sitting in my inventory since the Shoe Expo, I’m not sure why I never wore them. It might have had to do with having a horrid time tinting the toes. for some reason I didn’t have trouble this time. Maybe I was in a better toe tinting frame of mind. The one drawback I would really love more paint color options, but oh well, I made due.

I dressed the whole outfit up with a necklace and earring set from Dark Mouse’s fall collection, I do so love these delicate little beads. Mouse did a great job on them. OH I forgot to mention to you all I have a new more friendly AO. (I still love my old AO) but this one us uber cute! And everything works better with it. DHCG thanks for getting it for me! Well my rabble I need to be off, it’s Friday! I do love me some short week. Have a great day and I will have a post for you all on Sunday.

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Vibrant Colors (Brick) Beaded Earrings & Necklace from Dark Mouse
Top – Smexy Shoulders in Latte from Riddle
Skirt – Tiered skirt in beige from Ce Cubic effect
Shoes – Real Toe Gladiator Sandals DarkBrown from J’s

Photos taken at Shiny Things

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