I had decided awhile ago that I was gonna do a ton of Halloween posts because I adore this holiday, always have! I have been waiting and watching and I bring you my very first post today! I have seen some super inventive outfits and avatars and I am knee deep in the decision process! So much to look forward to! Because it’s not gonna be like a typical fashion post I am gonna keep these fairly short and just lay on some cute pictures and where you can get all the makings! I hope you enjoy these as much as I am going to.

This Rag Doll outfit was one of the first I saw come across the feed and I was instantly attracted cause I had a gazillion Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls when I was but a youth! Ravenlynn Templar is the creativity here. Everything you need to be a rag doll is included and that means the skin which is perfect and light and the face is just too good! I did have to adjust the sleeves because they were buried in my body but that is all that needed to happen.

I decided to take a clue from Ravenlynn’s ad picture and went to Magika for a hairstyle and i also knew that Magika had some kick ass red tones. After a it of scanning around I spoted this style called October. Now this particular one has a hat attached so I simply shrunk it and moved it inside my head and then fixed the back of the hair since some of it had been moved in to accommodate the hat.  also changed the pigtail ties to white since the original black didn’t seem to mesh well.

I threw on some Mary Jane shoes to finish it all off and then went in search of a location and found the most prefect place a Jabberwocky’s underground where Edelweiss has a shop. The whole shop is set up in two different dollhouses. I always loved dollhouses when I was a kid and these are complete with hinges and all. Love it. OK, I will bring you more tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday!

Wearing ~

Hair – October – Red E from Magika Hair
Outfit – My Rag Doll from LVS & Co.
Shoes – Alice Shoe (part of Alice outfit) from Fluky

Photos taken at Jabberwocky

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