Mrs. Frankenbride

I am a fan of all things horror. Do you remember in the 90’s when that rash of movies came out that were based on the end all be all creatures of Halloween fables? Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Interview with a Vampire. I ate them up and they still are movies I can watch over and over. I especially loved Frankenstein because it really is just a heart wrenching story. I have never thought he was bad. An abomination, yes, but he loved.

The movie had incredible actors, Kenneth Brannah, Robert DeNiro, and the most beautiful and stunning Helena Bohnam Carter. She is perfection in my mind. So I know my look today is nothing like what beauty she brought to that role but is the comic version of Franky’s bride. It all started with the hair. VooDoo is truly a work of genius that come out of the House of Heart and Sheltered Heart’s imagination. There is an in store gift i n blond but since I am never blond and the look needed darkness I bought the Blacks pack. I just love the little sculpty skulls!

The bride was always dressing in something that was hastily thrown on her to cover her bits, I went with something a little more elegant, the Grecian dress from Last Call. Now I know you can no longer get this. You could easily substitute it with the Aphrodite dress from Casa de Shai, or any number of period outfits from Ivalde. This dress just had the right amount of sheerness and it is oh so beautifully done. If you ever come across if or know of someone who will let you borrow it, you really must try it on!

The skin is what gives it a fun twist instead of a scary or sexy look, which you will see from time to time. Roberta Beauchamps has made some of the cutest skins for Halloween and Mrs Frankenstein was too cute to pass up! I accessorized with other holiday fare, Spider earrings and ring that I picked up at the Jewelry Expo, gifts from Star Kindler and the new Spider Leash choker from Eolande’s. She has some really great pieces for both men and women, I loved where the spider sat here so that was my deciding factor.

I took photos at the cemetery at Sinistyle. Krius Misfit has created a fantastic sim and the Halloween avatars and other goodies should not be missed out on. Not to mention incredibly photographable! I met Grey Ogre there yesterday and he was good enough to pose from a picture with me. His avatar is one that Krius has made and is available for purchase at the sim landing point. The last picture is one Grey took, doesn’t he look amazing? Man, I love Halloween.

Wearing ~

Hair – VooDoo in Black from House of Heart
Head Bolts from Loco Pocos candy hunt
Necklace – Black Widow Choker long leash – aurora borealis from Eolande’s
Dress – Greta White Gretian dress from LAST CALL
Earrings & Ring – Halloween – Special from Jewelry Expo from Star Kindler
Skin – Halloween – Praline – Mrs Frankstein from Wax Poetic

Photos taken at Sinistyle Cemetary

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