Twitchy Witchy


Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. This is an often misquoted line is from Macbeth. It was of course the first thing that came to mind when I decided I was going to do a sexy witchy costume. In fact this was the very first costume I bought and it’s very clear why I chose it.

Autumn Hykova of Pixel Dust put this super sexy outfit together. It is actually a complete avatar. She made a great skin and shape. It comes with eyes, eyelashes, the hat hair combo in black, though I am wearing it in smoke which I purchased separately, the outfit including stockings that I’m not wearing. I did modify the outfit a bit cause I was feeling too black, if one can wear too much black. The outfit skirt has two layers, the top is not as translucent and the lower, so I tinted the lower layer with a bit of purple. I also added a ribbon to the chest of the top. I just love witchy green and purple together. 

I added prim fingernails in blood red cause it reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West. Lastly I went with really tall thigh high boots from The Abyss, I have seen them paired with many outfits in blogs and have never really had a reason to buy them, well this is my reason and I think they add just the right amount of super sexy to the outfit!

Location is playing a huge part in my posts I think and I just happened to be at this sim the other day with my dearest Gage and I remembered seeing the shop called Practical Magic after the movie perhaps. Robin Sojourner sells some really interesting items in this store. I headed out to the back where the stone pentagram was and put out a cauldron I had picked up last year in my travels. Perfect location for a few snappies. Needing a pentagram? It’s for sale for 150 lalas. Practical indeed!

Wearing ~

Hat and hair – Elphaba – Smoke from Pixel Dust
Earrings – Dead Man’s Chest Earrings from Genesis
Outfits – The Witch from Pixel Dust
Chest bow – Part of Scarlet Dancer outfit from Bare Rose
Nails – Red Nails from Fleur
Boots – TheCatalyst in Black from The Abyss
Wand – Magic Poof wand from Fluky
Broom from Little Heaven

Photos taken at Practical Magic

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