The Day Has Come

I am the only person who studied this? By this I mean Dia de los Muerto, Day of the Dead. I was but a tyke when we covered this Mexican tradition. I was really interested in it as a kid because I found the imagery beautiful and I thought the overall tradition was very cool. I had a heck of a time trying to get this all to come together. Not very easy to become a sugar skulled skeleton, but my day finally arrived.

This whole look started with this amazing skin from Amplify. It is simply the face of a sugar skull on a black sin. I only wish there had been bones on the it, I would have made may job a fair sight easier. My original idea had been to wear a Flamenco dress and I had the perfect one in mind. I also was hoping to somehow find a skeleton avatar that would be mod so I could still have my face exposed. Time ran out and so did the person with the av I was looking to buy so what I did instead was buy a skully hoody and wore it as a shirt and also wore the included gloves that gave me skeleton hands. Since the flamenco was not going to work with these pieces I had to go with the male version of this familiar pairing. That meant a suit and I used two that I had. The jacket is from an event at a Japanese sim last year in which Bare Rose and Cecile teamed up and made a couple outfits. I am not sure if the suit is still available and the creator now has a new store, so perhaps it was brought over. Non-the-less any nice black suit jacket would work as long as it was a jacket layer. I wore a nice pair of belted slacks that had a leg prim. I could have worn those that matched the jacket but I wanted that prim, I think it really evens out a look.

Now let me tell you, I looked high low, on xstreet, in Flickr well let me just say no stone was unturned in my hunt for a traditional sombrero. I found cute ones, huge ones, ones that sit on your head or on the back in a nice resizable deal. But I was looking for one just as this. I found it at some very obscure place that had a costume shop. I was just about to TP out cause I was not seeing the Mariachi outfit when I spotted it in a dark corner. All hail the Mariachi! It even had the neat neck tie and it covered the t-shirt that was visible on the hoody. The hat was a little too enormous considering I wasn’t wearing hair but my how I love a modifiable prim! I added my favorite sneakers for a bit of levity (death death, skeletons and skulls, even if they are sugar) to the look.

For a location I needed a good cemetery on that perhaps looked like what they did in the cemeteries in Mexico to honor their departed. Only two entries came up and one of them produced this amazing altar! It is scripted to give you a sugar skull when you touch it and the pictures (which I found funny as is) can be changed to add your own shots. My time was slipping away so Jim Morrison had to stay. The only place I could think that had a really great and colorful cemetery was at Tableau, I arrived and to my overwhelming delight they allow you to drop your own objects! Allowing people to do this is just, gosh I can’t even tell you how great; I personally think all sims should do it. If you don’t want things to stay set a time limit on how long they can be there and then send it back to the owner automatically. Anyway I set up my altar and I bring you Sugar Skull Cerrie. I;ll put in a good word for you all on the other side…

Wearing ~

Hat – Mariachi Mujer  from (Don’t have store name here is the direct link to the area)
Skin – Halloween candy face skin from Amplify 
Jacket – Cecile D-Suit Jacket from back and Forth(?)
Shirt – Skelly Hoody (F) from SiniStyle
Tie – Mariachi Mujer
Pants – Black tailored suit from Yips
Shoes – Dirty llstarz from ]monogrind[

Photos taken at Tableau

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