Rockin’ Hula Luau

I had ideas for other outfits to share today but I guess I am being too lofty cause I couldn’t find what I wanted…at all. So I will have to do more research and see if it is at all possible. I’m instead bustin’ out a little bit of Don Ho on ya. I think Polynesian woman are so stunning, the dark hair and beautiful skin and as I have had with all of this weeks costumes, I had a great time with this one.

The thing I like about costumes, I have to do all that much work. Most of them have come with everything that was needed to pull the look off. Not to say I don’t love those that I have to send search parties out to find pieces to pull it all together, but it’s the lazy coming out in me. This lovely hula girl outfit is one such of those easy outfits. Everything is here for me. it’s a fancy one too, I didn’t test it out but it comes with a scripted and non scripted set. The scripted outfit may be clickable rippable, if you are into losing your coconut shells.

I turned to XStreetSL™ to help me find what I was looking for. There were some really great outfits to be had but this was the fave and priced right. As it turns out there are no clothing options with this outfit. So if you are gonna be flying around or doing gymnastics I would go with another outfit. Everything is prim and I had only to adjust the lei and the hair flower a bit. Everything else was placed well and is made for a av with some curves. I did tint the coconut bra cups a bit because it was a very monotone color scheme and I am used to seeing shells that are a bit darken.

I forgot to grab the name of my hair but it is from Zero Style and I don’t think I could have found hair that was better for this overall look. It flows really beautifully and is affected by wind, however it does tend to hang through your body. For location I found a Luau that was of the vegetarian variety. There was a tofu pig on a rotisserie that left a little to be desired.He was a bad sculpt so after literally staring at it up close and personal for about 5 minutes I realized it was completely rezzed and just not good looking. I did take one picture with it that didn’t make the cut. Trust me, it’s scary looking but as far as backgrounds go it wasn’t bad. Oh and I even found a hula gesture in the library in my inventory. Stacie’s lined up for tomorrow. I say until we meet again, a hui hou kakou. 

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tri-Hoop Earrings from Celestial Studio
Outfit – Stripable Hula Girl from Lusty Designs

Photos taken at Howzit Bra Vegetarian Luau

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