Purrs In Your Ear

There are cat people and dog people. Quite often you’re one or the other, there are those who love both. Lucky devils. I have always found the neko style so beautiful; the ears, the tail, the whiskers. So for today I go a little neko for my Halloween costume. I’m thinking I may have to adopt this look, there’s nothing I like better than lounging about in a bit of sun.

This outfit is also a little reminiscent of Michelle Pfiffers stitched together catsuit in Batman Returns. No one can deny her sexy kittiness. I didn’t want to be Catwoman though. No you may say “Why show us an outfit we can’t buy?” Well The outfit you may not be able to find but things similar to it, yes can certainly be found. What you can get that is part of my outfit it the accessories, these are all new. I went to what may be the finest stores for my ears and tail, Atomic Kitty. Ivy Graves makes wonderful skins and clothing and hair and, well you get my meaning. She has a whole host of animals that you can transform your av into via attachments.

I’m wearing Feline in Black. I bought the basic set with has tail and ears in 2 sizes and a mood HUD. i purchased the pierced ears separate and so worth it cause I’m a sassy cat. I wanted some really great whiskers so I turned to my cat loving friend Kess and she pointed me towards Ephemeral Creations and I was not let down. The have at least 6 options or color darkness’s, I’m wearing that dark, you also get size options and they are terribly affordable. I will say I wish there was a tint your own version, no dice on that front though. I also thought back to Catwoman and her claws. No kitty is complete without them. I had remember seeing Gianetti had recently released some nails that turn into Melee claws. I went in search and though they are a bit large I think they still go the point across. These are laughably low in price and they come in too many colors to remember. Mine are jet and I love the little diamond detailing.

Now as I mentioned the outfit is no longer available. It was a collaboration from Last Call & Celestial Studios. The outfit is awesome latex and has the perfect amount of shine and I love the little ties on the hips of the bikini bottoms. The boots are clever in the leg texture is the shoe and sizer piece and it attaches a simple heel to you foot. This is nice if you want to wear stockings under the boots and makes for sleek lines since it is a system item. Love this scantily clad kitty look, not like any cat I have ever seen but then again it’s not Halloween everyday…meow!

Wearing ~

Whiskers – Natural Neko Whiskers – Akasha Dark from Ephemeral Creations
Collar – Belled Collar in Pink (Leashed) from Atomic Kitty
Bikini and Boots – PussyCat from Last Call & Celestial Studios
Ear – Pierced Feline Ears in Black from Atomic Kitty
Tail – Black Feline Tail LH (Large) from Atomic Kitty
Bracelets – Jangle Bangles in silver Ephemeral Creations
Nails – Nails & Melee Claws – Jet from GIANETTI

Photos taken at Mouse*Trap Mall

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