She Rolls on the River

I have Proud Mary stuck in my head, you know cause she was rollin’ on the river and the big wheel keeps on turning. Today’s outfit totally make me think of a big riverboat plugging away. Kinda like the boat in that movie Maverick , ya know before Mel Gibson lost his marbles? In truth I stink at poker, I have no poker face at ALL!

Rhea Newall of Ribbons & Roses had sent me a invitation to feature her store some time ago. I’m bad bad and I am just getting to it, but I’m making it work for me. It’s Halloween and she has some really great costumes. Here we have The Playa’! This outfit is just adorable with sexy little touches. Starting at the top you have a great sculpted top hat. it sits jauntily on your noggin and with my selected hairstyle had to do no adjusting, always a bonus.

The outfit is a corseted top with arm poofs (Is that what they are called? Me doubts it) and a flouncy skirt that bounces when you walk. The skirt is seriously adorable, tons of layers in various materials and opacity and really well constructed. I only had to move it down a bit cause it was looking like an empire when I put it on and I don’t think that’s how it was intended to be. Finally we get to the stockings. They have a cute little texture bows on the back and the right leg has a great little leg strap with a pea shooter gun. Terribly cute little detail there! The overall texturing is rally great and I am quite happy with the whole outfit. The only thing I would add is perhaps a nice little ruffle that attaches to the chest, just to give it a little more depth.

To sass this up a bit more I got the ankle boots from Bax Coen. Holy, these are hot and way customizable! You can change the sole the heel in 4 ways, the eyelets, I’m sure if you wanted they would fetch you a cup of tea too! And the fit, don’t get me started. Even with the poses that stretched the rest of me to a near breaking point they still looked great. No weird ankle bit sticking out. Genius, I love them! Anyone up for a game?

Wearing ~

Earrings – Wonderland Collection – Queen of Hearts from Violet Voltaire
Gloves – White Gloves Medium from Fleur
Outfit – Play’a Red from Ribbons & Roses
Shoes – Ankle Boots Black Patent from Bax Coen 

Photos taken at Blues Bayou Riverboat and Amusement Park

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