Horns, check. Tail, check.

We could say all the clever little things that typically get murmured about devils. You know the ones I mean, the the horns, the tail. I had been looking at a few devil costumes over the last few days. I found some great items and was having a hard time choosing. Funny how a quick visit to a store for a completely unrelated item finally made up my mind for me.

I stopped into Reasonable Desires for the little bubble outfit, you know with the back scrubber and the rubber ducky, and as I was camming about the store (walking is so overrated) I saw that if you have RD in your picks you could get this whole Devilish outfit for…wait for it…FREE! OK, let me think about this for just a second, OK I’m done. It was a no brainer to pop into my profile and add this up. I ran over this morning butt crack-o early and viola, Cerrie’s Does Devil post. LOL The outfit includes all that you see here except my earrings collar and shoes. And It probably didn’t need all that but because I’m sportin’ short hair I felt it was a must.

This is all system outfit, the horns, tail and pitchfork are all mod items so when I wasn’t feeling they were quite a match for the outfit, I just tinted them a little darker. I also had to push the horns into my head a bit and adjust the fork in my hand, but that is all simple adjustments. The outfit comes with and without shorts that have the garters. Nice option if you don’t want to wear the stockings and say a thigh high boot instead. I like that the corset, gloves and the underpants have a subtle shine to the piping to give you that feel of either a nice shiny leather or perhaps a bit of vinyl. Should you decide to go an just purchase the item instead of waiting for the servers to recognize your pick, this cute little number will set you back just 125 smackers. How very…Reasonable. After getting the look together I found a warm location for my photos and that is pretty much it. Your average everyday horny little devil. Ah how I do love the little jokes!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Hoopies say made by Mistress Midnight and I have no idea wear I got them
Collar – Sin – leather collar from Kru’s Boutique
Outfit – Devilish from Reasonable Desires
Shoes – Enchants Antie’s Black from Maitreya

Photos taken at Heaven and Hell Club

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