The Hills Are Bah’ing

As a little girl one of the shows that we watched around Christmas time was the Sound of Music. That opening scene when Julie Andrews is spinning about singing about the hills being alive. it always got to me. Mostly I wondered how she could spin around that way and not fall over but now that I think about it that could have been some camera trickery. Well my outfit today is a little hill worthy. It’s like peasant girl meets Little Bo Peep.

I am fairly certain this dress is no longer unavailable but if you have been a fan of Tuli’s like I have been you may have gotten this adorable little number, which she also gave out in the Red Stick hunt. It is a lovely frock; I adore Tuli’s textures and her attention to the little details. The skirt is my favorite piece to this outfit, you get two versions, one with bows like I’m wearing or one without. The top is as intricately done and truly it floors me. I have tried to make clothing…notice I still just blog. Creating is sooo not for me.

The idea for this costume came from a visit to A Touch of Ireland, one of the best costume houses on the grid in my opinion. They have a ton of Irish girl outfits and they have a great set up that includes props to give you ideas, some are for sale and they had this cute little sheep that is free to copy. it makes cute and random little bleating sounds, a couple different ones too so you don’t lose your mind with a repetitive sound (or is that just me that has a problem with that?) The sheep is mod copy and transferable, nice little gifty from that store!

The shoes I had forgotten about until I was staring at my naked feet then at the dress and thinking OK seriously what should I do here? Then I remembered them from an old post and dug them out. I think they are perfect for the dress and the sort of time frame from whence it would have come, I could be wrong. I think I can give old Julie Andrews a serious run for her money in this dress. She may have had the Von Trapp kids but I gots sheeps.

Wearing ~

Earrings and necklace – Solitaire earrings and necklace set to gold and ruby from Kess Kreations
Shoes – Elizabeth lace-up ankle boots – London from lassitude & ennui
Outfit – Yvette from Tuli
Sheep is a free to copy from A Touch of Ireland costume shop

Photos taken at Middle Earth Realms

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