Nevermind That Man Behind the Curtain

I have been blogging for some time now but none of what I have done either with myself or with friends can compare to the amazing amount of fun I had last night. Stacie and I along with Kesseret Steeplechase of Kess Kreations, Anicia Medici of Sugar Mill, Elizabeth Hallstrom of Shopping Cart Disco and SL Diva, new friend Laurenza Republic got together and stormed Magic of Oz. Craziness ensues when this many women get together in one place. Did I mention Candy Cerveau co-owner of Magic also joined us? A wonderful cast of characters for sure.

The idea started when I got a suggestion to be a scarecrow for one of my Halloween themed posts. After much looking I found RaveWolf Mystik Creations costume shop and I saw the whole line up of Wizard of Oz character costumes. That got me thinking about a conversation that Stacie and I had and her desire to do a Wizard of Oz post. Last night we gathered up some great ladies and we followed the yellow brick road.

 Click here to see a slide show of all our pictures.

Almost all of the outfits re from RMC with the exception of Kesseret’s Tin Man created by Suggie Liu and available for purchase on xstreet (there may be an inworld shop but I’m at work ATM, it might be called Petals Thorns) and Candy’s Glinda which she got at A Touch of Ireland. Most of the costumes all were really well done. The ones from RMC are very deceiving, the vendor shots are not the best but the little details shine through once they are on and they are really cute!

My scarecrow costume for instance had flexi bits of hay attached to me in places, the inside of the flexi hat brim looks like hay as well. Even the lion which looks something odd is done well upon closer inspection. As I said above the tin man was purchased from another location. RMC’s tin man was just not quite what we wanted, not enough attachments, the one Kess found was absolutely perfect including the skin. Top notch and only 250 lalas.

We happily used the poses around to for pictures. They have that over the top cute factor that has you searching for the next set with baited breath. Candy’s partner, Malkavyn Eldritch, was a gracious host after the party broke up. He showed us more of the picture opportunities, and how Magic of Oz came to be. It’s an interesting story and it was alot of fun to hear it from the source. I cannot begin to thank everyone for coming and helping and hopping on pose balls. And  huge thanks to both Candy and Malk for taking time out to spend time and energy with us lot of nutters. I know I’ll be back and often!

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