Cherry Coloured Funk

Boy, I’m happy to be back in some normal clothes after all that Halloween-ing. I had worked up quite a few outfits that I wanted to wear after the festivities were over and then when I went to put the on, well I couldn’t remember what they were. I need to make notes I guess. I am feeling very dainty and girly and found a beautiful outfit and location and things were just flowing at that point.

Buried in the unsorted folders of my inventory I find this sweater and bra top combo and I vaguely remember buying it. I love the color and the delicate texture with it’s little interests like bottons (in the front and hard to see in the pictures) and the different weaves. It has a neat piece that sits slouched at your stomach; this is actually a pelvis attachment that didn’t work with my skirt, I copied and reattached to stomach. Speaking of skirt it is one of a two color set that can be found at Nyte ‘n’ Day. It comes in this dark floral and a lighter grey floral. There are also scripted sit skirts in the pack. The layers move nicely and add perfectly to the very feminine feel this outfit is giving off.

I really didn’t need to add too much in jewelry, I was actually just looking for earrings when I found this perfect set from Second Mirage that was given out last year in their advent calendar. The necklace is a perfect length for the boatneck of the top and the fact that it had matching earrings and bracelet sealed the deal. I know that the last time I pointed out a set I wore from Second Mirage the shop was closed. I recently saw a notice come across FashCon saying that Second Mirage was back on the grid and will be again making baubles. This can only mean good things for all of us.

Lastly, I am having fun with the lighting preset in Windlight. I can’t make it look as great as people with better computers can but I am pretty darn happy with being able to make some nice sky colors and sun options. I complained so long about not being able to get things to work and I was using a really old viewer and was upset with the new mandatory upgrade, but with help that was put out on blogs from more seasoned WL users I have found a happy place. I’m off for today, Happy Monday to you all!

Wearing ~

Jewelry Set – Ingrid silver from Second Mirage
Skirt – Vestige Skirt Floral SD Dark Floral from Nyte’N’Day
Shoes – Virtue – Patent Black from Maitreya
Top – Woolshirt & bra in red from Freesoul

Photos taken at Muse Isle

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