Somewhere In Middle America

I have this goofy thing about naming my posts; it is typically the hardest part for me. I find that a majority of the time I resort to a song title or lyrics. Today is no different. ‘Somewhere in middle America’ is a line in the Counting Crows song Omaha. I’m from middle America, I like corn, I went to a haunted corn maze and all those things were leading me to Sinistyle’s corn field for today’s post.

The thing that actually got this outfit rolling are the great shoes from my good friend CCTV Giant at Shoe Fly. They are called SteamChunks and he said they were an accident, I’m thinking they are happy! They have a solid heel, thick ankle straps, good foot fit and nice leather accented with gold rivets for a little decoration. I did find them sort of difficult to match colors too, they would be great with cream or denim but I was looking for something different.

I located a top first and it’s not actually a top it’s a darling wrap dress from Novocaine, and I will admit I ripped it apart for the benefit of an outfit. I dropped a copied and rezzed a skirt out and removed the skirt panels to make a belt for the bottom of the top. Super duper easy to do if you have moderate building skills, if not any number of belts out there would work. Them I found this flowing skirt that was purchased but not used (story of my life). It is fairly long and I find it hangs through the ground. making it smaller only has it being eaten up by my hips and I was running out of time to get this done so it doesn’t fit exactly as I wish it would. I didn’t think I was that short but I guess I am. I just thought about this, it could have to do with the gravity settings as well, food for thought.

Because last time I wore turquoise jewelry I was admonished by my lil bro (who knew it was so wrong?) and I am really going out on a limb doing it again, but I needed a little color with all these muted neutral tones. This is from a shop I discovered at the Jewelry Expo called M.R.M. It is a surf inspired shop. They have clothing and some great jewelry and this set added a nice bit of color. I’m all set here in middle America now. I’m gonna link to the song below, it’s a live version but really good. Enjoy!

Have a listen to Omaha by Counting Crows 

Wearing ~

Jewelry Set – Gold Accessory Set *Teadrop* (Coral Blue) from M.R.M.
Top – Torino Wrap Dress in driftwood (heavily modified) from Novocaine
Skirt – Linen Long Skirt in yellow from The Closet
Shoes – SteamChunks from Shoe Fly

Photos taken at the corn field at Sinistyle

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