The 16th Letter

It has been forever cold here in my little piece of the world. Gloves are a must on my morning and afternoon jaunts to and from the bus stop as is my warm winter coat. I realized on Monday morning when I left my house and the bite of the air nipped at my nose and cheeks that I have been in winter denial. I fear I can no longer stave off the inevitable.

Today I have a classic coat that would work well in my RL cold snap. The Pea Coat (or Pee Coat as snarky types refer to it) has an interesting history: “Sailors who have to endure pea-soup weather often don their pea coats but the coat’s name isn’t derived from the weather. The heavy topcoat worn in cold, miserable weather by seafaring men was once tailored from pilot cloth — a heavy, course, stout kind of twilled blue cloth with the nap on one side. The cloth was sometimes called P-cloth for the initial letter of “pilot” and the garment made from it was called a p-jacket — later, a pea coat. The term has been used since 1723 to denote coats made from that cloth.” A little trivia bit for you! Mostly I look at them as warm coats that have cute buttons and a great collar. This is a very hip version of the coat but it still has A-typical pea coat features. The texture is very day to the point you almost lose some of the details of the collar but I still like the whole overall feel of it.

I paired it up with a rather interesting skirt from bianca foulon. It is a series of pieces attached to your pelvis and upper legs. it also comes with a slightly difficult notecard about sizing and the pieces also where full bright which I removed cause the underpants layer was dark and was in no way going to match the prims. in all it took me about 30 minutes to adjust resize and get the pieces to a good angle. Labor intensive but cute and because the pieces attach to your legs and aren’t flexi I lucked out when I did my sitting poses. The followed along and really I didn’t encounter too many poses that didn’t work with it.

The real focal point of the outfit, though not my initial idea, became the necklace, earrings and ring from Paper Couture. I so wish I had pieces like this in reality. Though I have to say these items probably would weigh a ton, they dress the outfit up perfectly and are the epitome of class and style. The necklace has a lovely chain and opacity, I like the clever shadow as certainly this piece would cause one. The set comes with matching earrings. The ring is separate and comes in white diamond as well (included) and both have a bling version for those who like a little sparkle in their lives. After I had everything in place I turned to leave and noticed how great a location the PC store at Tableau is so I snapped some pictures, I even helped out a trio of German shoppers who couldn’t find the clothing. I guess they assumed I was a shop model as I stood there striking a pose. That’s me…Ms. Helpful….

Wearing ~

Necklace and Earrings – Faceted Black Diamond Set from Paper Couture
Coat – PeeeeCOAT/women from GriBon
Ring – Times Square Ring – Kyanite – Dark Blue from Paper Couture
Skirt – gonnellone-quadri from biancaf
Shoes – Winter Boots -Black from Redgrave

Source for Pea Coat definition

Photos taken at Paper Couture in Tableau

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