Roaring In

As far as styles go, mine is pretty standard. I will occasionally venture into something different or revisit one that I am comfortable with. I see shops on the feeds that I have great admiration for because the items they are putting out are wonderfully done but not really something I typically would be drawn to. Something did catch my eye the other day, so like any curious person I went to check it out.

What I found was four color combination dresses that made me think of frozen yummy treats. I was immediately drawn to the brown and green set because there was something lurking in my inventory that I have had for many moons now and have never found the perfect thing to wear it with. But I will get to that later. The outfit is a simple sweater and pencil skirt. You have a top option with or without a belt. As a whole it’s a nice outfit it’s not outstanding but I’m also a very picky person. The one place that just left me wanting more is the collar. It sort of fades off into my neck. No crisp delineation and no punch. The top is, by looks, a standard system top with a texture. I would have loved to have seen a little collar or something to fancy it up a bit. The system skirt has a little more in the way of texturing. The outfit as a whole is not bad, I’ve seen way worse but It could have a few more bells and whistles especially considering it’s price tag.

The item that was lurking in my inventory was this amazing pair of Vintish art shoes from Aphrodite Creations. I met Aph around this time last year and we became friends. When she put out her dual tone shoes I hemmed and hawed over which to buy and landed on this green and brown pair. I loved the color combination and was sure I could find something perfect to wear with them. Well here I am a year later and just now finding something. Oh, you didn’t know I was clairvoyant and seeing the future? (Actually I just forgot about them and found them a few days ago) The shoes are everything that Aphrodite’s brand came to be, well made and beautifully textured shoes. There are several other art color combination shoes in the Vintish style that you should definitely check out.

I fancied the whole look up with a few hunt and gift items of yester-year. The stole (or fur cape as it’s called) was a Christmas gift from Redgrave last year. It’s rich browns pulled out hints from both the outfit and the shoes. And as long as I was going with brown and fur I threw on the free gift gloves from aya V. What can I say, I like to coordinate! I also wore a cute hat hair combo from what used to be bossa Nova and is now Comme il Faut called Julie. nice as the hat is mod and white so that I could tint it to better go with the outfit. I found the prettiest place for photos or just hanging out. There are beautiful trees all over and nice places to walk and hang out. Worth a look if you are aan arborist or just like to walk around. Well I’m off, tomorrows post will have my goodest friend Kim in it and a fun little outfit. Have a great Monday everyone!

Wearing ~

Hat/hair – Julie hat/hair in espresso from Comme il Faut
Jewelry – Globe earrings and pendant in silver from PERSONA
Stole – Fur Cape Brown from Redgrave
Outfit – Talk of the Town in Chocolate & Mint from Ingenue
Gloves – FUR GLOVES from .+*aya V*+.
Stockings – FF (8straps) *coca20* from No.9 Nylons
Shoes – Vintish Shoes ART Brown Green from Aphrodite Creations

Photos taken at The Giving Tree at Tallulah’s Cafe

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