Queens Sporty Girls

Everyone loves when they find a new place to shamelessly throw their moolah at and be the first to blog it. It’s fun to share or be top of the heap. Which ever. This is not new to the feed I think but I have not seen it alot and we have some really great things. Kim and I are sporting Sporty.

The dress I mean is called Sporty and it’s from a new to me store called So Many Styles. It comes in three colors that all go together in some way and it seems the socks is the tie that binds. Had we had one extra girl it would have been so Charlie’s Angels. The dress is simple yet done well and I love sculpty sleeves, they just add something great to an outfit. The dress is an almost tshirt style look with, as you can see a serious plunge on the neckline. Nice realistic wrinkled texture at the tops of the legs where a dress like this would do that.

The sport comes in with the earthy tones and the racing stripes on the arms. I like the detail on the large belt that is part of the texture. It adds a fun dose of “fancy” to the relaxed dress almost a contrast of style yet somehow it works. Kim added great accessories from Shiny Things that brought out the deep charcoal color. I will admit I have a little bit of trouble accessorizing cause the stripe in my dress is a deep brown and the socks are grey so I went really simple with just earrings, that ya can’t even see. LOL  

Since we typically do an almost identical look I thought we would play it up a bit. We both went with black boots but from different stores. Kim is wearing the boots from Gbberish and I have the new SoHo boots from Maitreya. Both have a slouch to them and a suttle shine in places. The dresses where making me feel a bit Diva-ish so I though there was no better way to show that off than to grab some little crowns.   Fun and slightly warped the two of us are. Huge heaping hugs on Kim for trying something way new.

Wearing ~

Tiara – Big Crown from MEEMBEE
Earrings – Diamond Stud Earing from Caroline’s 
Necklace – Zeyla Necklace from Shiny Things
Dress – Sporty Dress in red from So Many Styles
Boots – La Jalousie Suede Boots in black from Gbberish               
Tiara – Little Crown from MEEMBEE
Earrings- Funky Dangle from Yummy
Outfit – Sporty Dress in grey from So many Styles
Shoes – SoHo Boots ‘Boho-Rock’ from Maitreya

Photos taken at CsN store courtyard

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