It’s Oh So Quiet

Where is it you go when something gets you down or when a melancholy mood strikes you? Do you go a place that makes you happy? Spend time with your family? Or do you need to just be off with yourself? I escape into the pages of books or to the reels of a film. There is nothing like a classic black and white movie with it’s dramatic lighting and sometimes over the top acting that will get me out of my mood. I needed just that yesterday, so it was no surprise when I found myself looking for theaters to watch some campy movies. These old classic movies always make me smirkish because of the clothing. Ladies with tight cinched waists, sleek hair styles and the odd amount of satin in their wardrobes.

In the spirit of those grand old dames I grabbed my new dress from ETD. I have longed for this dress, well, for a long time. I was always kind of waiting for a reason to need it, to have some event I could wear it; then THE SALE hit and well I could no longer deny myself. All of the elements of this strapless corset outfit are really well done and I love the color combination. And can I say I do love a pinstripe. There is nice shading on the skirt and the belt that is part of the top is very realistic looking. Now that I am looking at it I think I might try to put one of those patent leather belts from MAiiKI and see how that looks, just for options sake.


I was hanging out with my lil bro while I was putting this outfit together and he kept saying that accessories were a must because I couldn’t let the viewing public down. I had to uphold my blogger end of the deal. I think, in the attempt to placate him and not let you all down, I tried on every single necklace and/or jewelry set I own. Of course the last one I tried on was this perfect necklace and earrings set from a place I really don’t recall going to before. (I’m thinking it had to have been a part of a hunt, perhaps Albero) red silver and onyx all come together in a perfect length necklace and darling earrings, that are hard to see in the pictures but can be seen in normal lighting. I added some wrist love from Miriel I think these were a free offering too, so generous. I am stil playing playing with lighting settings and yes, these shots are a bit dark but um…I’m in a movie theater. So I am off to peruse the feeds, have a day kiddles.


Wearing ~

Earrings & Necklace – Red and onyx nacklace and short earrings from :rama
Outfit – Classic Strappless Dress from ETD Clothes
Bracelets – Double Metal Bracelet – Black/Silver from Miriel
Shoes  – Tuxedo pumps in black from Shiny Things

Photos taken at The Mistral Theatre

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