Zeber On The Loose

Fall and Winter have brought on the creative juices of our beloved designers. Not that they aren’t always flowing but there is something about sweaters and coats and making them look the next best thing to my latest Sacs purchase. Today I am speaking specifically about a coat that has me walking on the wild side.

I will also admit I sort of went with the look of the Aoharu ad. I could have come up with pants and things that would make it more my own but I loved what had been done, so I just put a little spin on it. This is a really well done coat. The prims line up great to not make you look overly puffed up and bulky. Major pet peeve there. This is a sleek A-line drop waist fur coat. The bold zebra print immediately caught my eye. The arm are 3 pieces that cap and flow into one another to give you soft transition lines. The only trouble I ran into is that the bell of the body prim really eats hands. I had a hard time with poses and my particular AO has my hands constantly in my coat like some nasty man in the back of a movie theater. The things that are done for cute clothes…sheesh!

I knew I wanted to wear knees high boots and since there was only one boot that was coming to mind because of it’s incredible look and options I slipped into stiletto boots from Eva Angelina. I sure hope you have been here and perhaps you have been lucky enough to get both the free Halloween and Dalmatian boots. The are chalk full of options that include sounds, AO for both standing and walking and coloring and textures. Very user friendly menu which is great when my posts seem to be coming together at 5 AM lately! My dear friend max said green was the way to go, so green it is. I had to have some accessories so I went to my ETD sale folder (the new place I am living!) i had grabbed the ginormous pack of handbags and low and behold the green bag was a nice compliment to the boots and because my boots were so customizable I went with jewelry on the same bent! The lovely Antonia cocktail ring from Kess Kreations set to emerald and platinum! The ring is a stunner. I also went with large beaded hoops from Artilleri not jewel tone as everything else but add snap to my pulled back hair and the dark color. 

 Because the green was becoming a little overwhelming, I wanted a large red flower broach however I didn’t have one and sometimes there is no time to launch a grid wide search for something. Instead what I found was this hair clip from Swallowtail that gave me my red and a little green to tie it all together. Since I was already on the accessory gravy train I decided that some aviator shades weren’t gonna hurt anything. It’s a very simple look really and one I see on city streets, well there is a little more leg here, but it’s quick and I am ready for shopping. Surprise, surprise!

Wearing ~

Hair clip – Sculpted hair clip red from Swallowtail
Earrings – Bead hoop earrings from Artilleri
Sunglasses – Chic Aviator Sunglasses (Black Frames) from ETD Accessories
Coat – FurCoat in Zebra print from AOHARU
Handbag – City Handbag in Emerald from ETD Accessories
Ring – Antonia Ring set to platinum and emerald from Kess Kreations
Shoes – Black Boots Pack in Emerald from EVA Angelina

Photos taken at Maitreya Isle

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