Jet Airliner

I am long over due for a vacation. It has been over a year since I have been able to hop on a plane and enjoy some time away from my daily grind! This also means a break from SL™. I decided that since I have yet to pack, and I am leaving bright and early tomorrow, that I would kick myself into gear with an outfit that would be plane appropriate. I try to at least be presentable on early morning flights, like mine is tomorrow. Would I love to show up in PJ’s? Totally! My travel companions would give me the eyeball though, well I’m sure you understand.

I started with the crocheted shrug from MG Fashion. I found these last year and loved the range of colors offered and the quality of the textures and sculpted sleeves. MG has some of the best sweaters and tops in my opinion. And as I mentioned above the colors….prismatic for sure! Lo Jacobs seems to be on the lips of everyone and I went to check out Church of Luxe and I can see why it is so hot button right now. Not a huge inventory but the items are a nice mix of dresses and outfits. The dresses are really cute and I put it on my list of revisit after vay-cay. I did join up on the subscri-bo and got a lingerie gift and then grabbed the trio of racer back tanks that have been all over the feeds. The black made it to my travel outfit. These are great tanks. The black has nice highlighting of the wrinkles and comes with all the layer options.

I went with a nice tweed crop pant to round out the outfit. I got these ages ago at DP Serendipity and they continue to be a good looking even after them being older. I would love to see a sculpted cuff instead of the stiff prim cause it doesn’t sit well but I don’t think that is gonna happen. Maybe I will contact the designer and just offer it up as a suggestion. I love the accessories I chose, what can I say I am really a silver girl. I wanted a bold necklace and when I saw the leaf necklace from Last Call I knew it would be perfect! I was still very new to the fashion side of life when I stumbled upon Last Call. This necklace was the very first thing I bought there. It matched up nicely with earrings from Junk and bangles from Ame True. Very circular jewelry day!

I mentioned yesterday I bought huge packs of purses from ETD and since I am allowed a carry on I pulled out a tote bag to drop a few magazines and snacks for the trip in. Did I mention the bags have an animation override built in and they are stocked with great made for the bag poses from TorridWear? No, well they do and a walk. The ginormous pack is 100 clams. No brain-er kiddies, it’s a must have! In fact buy all the bags and want no more! :) Stacie will be bringing you guys some amazing things next week. time to board, I’ll be back in a jiff!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Gutted Hoops in silver from {JUNK}
Necklace – Jacey Leaf Necklace in brushed steel from LAST CALL
Bangles – Full Circle & Triple Platinum Bracelets from Ame True
Sweater – Crocheted Shrug – rosed from MG Fashion
Top – Racerback Cami in black Shirt and underpants layers from Church of Luxe
Pants – Nep Tweed Pants from DP Seredipity
Handbag – Everyday Tote in black from ETD Accessories
Shoes – Starley Pumps in Ostrich Pewter from ETD

Photos taken at Abbott’s Aerodome

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