Bare Essentials

There is nothing I love more than a makeover. I make over myself and friends (who put up with me) all the time. My dearest Kim is my virtual doll and one of my favorite makeover targets. I should give the poor girl a break so if anyone wants a random makeover let me know! We ambled around Magic of Oz yesterday and she commented on the great poses there (I heart Dove Swanson) and I said I would like to take some nice snaps for our new place because when I have no one to make over I makeover my house.

I was seeing in my minds eye black and white, with jeans, heels and a lack of shirts and she said was should just do it. So just like that, we did. We picked up a pair of the new jeans Digit Darkes just released. The jeans are black with your choice of silver or gold detailing. Well done, the bum pockets aren’t placed too low and though the stripe down the side of the leg was a little hard to match to the leg prim it still worked out OK. I did have to down size those and move them around a little bit because they are very long and were sticking out of the back of my leg. A heartier calf would weather these a little better.

The attention paid to the front of the jeans is noteworthy. I like being able to see the stitching, rivets and a letter on the button. it’s not overwhelming it is expertly done. I don’t know why but the belt loops look great to me. Oh and nice low sexy ride on the hips without baring all in the back!

For shoes we have the new stiletto from Hoorenbeek. I have long admired the amazing quality in the men’s shoes and saw these on Ana Lutetia’s blog. How I do love a shoe with options. And there are many! Kim and I chose not to wear the bow for the toe but did wear the ankle strap and there is a huge selection of predesigned patterns and colors or you can go freestyle and individually change items. The colors are good, some are better than others but workable. Worth the 600 clams you lay down for them for sure! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I’m off to be productive!

Wearing ~

Jeans – Field Jeans-Black/Silver from Digit Darkes
Shoes – Stiletto from Hoorenbeek

Photos taken at our home studio

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