A Lovely Shade of Laziness

So it’s been ages since I posted anything. I just couldn’t work up the gumption to do it. And since Stacie did it all while I was out of town I wasn’t going to ask her to just cause I was feeling lazy. I’m also trying to sort out my inventory. I have dumped a whole bunch of stuff but have alot more to go. But in all that hunting and pecking about I have found some goodies and I thought I would just throw them on and see what I came up with.

I had a few items of a common color theme and that was working for a base. I bought the buckle boots from ETD’s sale. Side note…if you have not been to ETD to snap up goodies, you are slightly warped and I insist you go now and throw moolah at the vendors! I picked this pretty magenta color because I cannot say as to when the last time I wore and outfit based on magenta peds. There is nothing I can say about these boots at I have not already said about the other ETD shoes. They are really well done and fit perfectly. Dig em and so glad I got the HUGE pack. I Found a jacket lurking in a folder that was a freebie gift from Thimbles, a very under featured shop IMO. Fun, cute and hand drawn clothes that tend to only come in one layer but It worked for my outfit today and the rich color pumps in a huge color infusion! 

I originally had on a short sleeved shirt under the jacket but my arms seemed really naked and cold so after a bit more digging I found his floral thermal from Tre Blah. This totally fixed my naked arm problem with a pre-done layered top and to boot it’s thermal. I’m toasty, happy, warm now! This particular top is in oat there are several other color in the pack and a underwear layer if you don’t want to bare the midriff. The jeans I have on though ll done texture wise where lacking in flash. They are a pair I got from my very first trip to a small shop with mostly jeans called Truth. And I mean WAY back in the day!

To fancy up my jeans I picked out my all tie favorite belt, no matter it’s insane simplicity. It is in fact only a belt buckle I got from the old Gnu store. I fashioned it to a belt and there was a period there where it was the only belt I wore. Can you blame me? The scarf and am warmers were the finishing details for me. I chose a scarf from Artilleri that echoed the colors in the belt buckle to give it a sturdy tie and the new sculpted arm warmers from Maitreya in a magnolia and then I added a hint of tint. Now, I’m off to try and dislodge the Oscar Mayer wiener song from my head! Have a great Saturday all!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Firedrop Earrings from First Impressions
Scarf – Scarf-o-rama in orange threads from Artilleri
Jacket – <3 You Freebie Jacket hotpank from Thimbles
Top – Vintage Floral Thermal in oats from Tre Blah
Armwarmers – Armwarmers in magnolia tinted from Maitreya
Belt – Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Belt Buckle from Nylon Outfitters
Jeans – Nuke Denim in filth from Truth
Shoes – Buckle Boots in magenta from ETD

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