Rebel Without A Cause

Sometimes I just feel like a tuffy. In the real I know I couldn’t hold my own and I would end up crying and it would be really unattractive. Tuffy I think stems from me watching too many movies where the heroine is a kickin’ ass and takin’ names type and it charges my battery up. Now I say this outfit is hardly bass ass, but there is something about a fedora and a smoke that gives me this, albeit false, sense of “I’m not to be messed with”.

I went traipsing about with my friend Aralute and he took me to Creators Pavilion. I had not been there in far too long so I was like a kid in a candy shop snapping up tasties to and fro. We stopped into Unknown and I found this very geometric cardigan and tie combo and I couldn’t resist. I love jackets and button down shirt with jeans. The vendor was sporting that look and it got my wheels turning. The Cardi is a nice mix of colors and comes in several others in olive brown ain’t your bag it also has another tie color option so you are set wuth tons of layers. I liked the fallish tones and how it made the white really pop. Nice textures though it is a little flat cause it is all system. I would have loved to have seen some scuplty cuffs or a little collar action.

I paired it up with my favorite jeans of all time from LF Fashions. They have an outstanding texture and I may have whined about the cost at the time but I have worn them to death and I’m quite sure I have recouped my losses. Since the outfit has an overall “guy” feel to it I went with a rugged sneaker from Soreal. I love how these show up as giant surf board/sleds on my feet when I first put them on. Good for a laugh.


I accessorized everything with ciggy’s from Fnky. I have the zippo, the pocket pack and the long almost falling off ash smoke. Very tuff indeed. I figured my pretty manicured fingers would somehow counter the rougish look I was going for so I stopped by Sinistyle and grabbed some tape for my fingers. These come complete with some chipped and dirty black fingernails and polish, most appropriate! I’m all rebeled out. James Dean eat your heart out!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tunnel Multi Set Copy from The Body Politik
Top – Diamond Cardigan in brown from Unknown Shop
Glove layer – Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky) from SiniStyle
Jeans – Trusty Jeans in dark from LF Fashions
Shoes – Superstars WHITE/Black (SSP002) from SOREAL
Smokes – (Including lighter and pocket pack) from FNKY

Photos taken at Isle of Tharen

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