A Touch of Winter

I’m not a fan of winter; I don’t love the cold. It can be a beautiful time of year but I live in the city and winter to me means dirty snow, rivers of slush and mag chloride on the road eating away at my car. But my virtual world it’s actually a wonderful climate controlled place and it’s actually fun to bundle up, get out and enjoy the pretties.

Aranel Ah of Boom was nice enough to pass me a few of her new turtleneck sweaters. Tis one thing about winter time that joys me is all the lovely sweaters. This is a fine example! This is a simple sweater with sculpted cuffs and collar. This is a ski style of sweater with it’s design across the chest. These always make me think of movies where people hang out in ski lodges and drink hot buttered rum and coco. Since the color is so light and I didn’t want to overwhelm it I paired it with tight metallic pants from League because everyone should wear tight metallic pats out in the cold and snow! The things we do for fashion. Truth is the pants are shiny in the right way and shaded perfectly, they come with a sculpted scrunched up ankle cuff that for obvious reasons is not worn.

That is because I have the best boot and my tooties are so warm because of them. Aoharu has a heap of really cute boots. This particular pair has a pompom and no pompom option. I did have to do a bit of adjusting cause my leg stuck out of it a bit but really just simple angle adjustments. Finaly, no snow bunny type outfit is gonna be complete without out large oversized floppy pompom ball hat and Mirai Style has a great hat and this is one of two hair options. Click for a lovely menu to recolor the hat or retexture it all together. The last little bit of fun I added was located when I wore a scarf from Artilleri a few days ago. It’s a winter breath attachment. It attaches to your mouth and as you breathe…well you oget my drift. It’s fun though a friend did ask why  was blowing smoke rings. it added a nice touch to my photos and it made me laugh thinking back todays when I was a tike. Have a wonderful day all, stay warm!


Wearing ~

Hat/Hair – Fuka in Chocolate from Mirai Style
Top – Fair Isle Turtleneck in Lav from *BOOM*
Pants – Metallic Shine leggings in silver from *League*
Boots – KnitBoots in white from AOHARU WALK
Winter Breath – Part of Scarf-o-rama fat pack from Artilleri

Photos taken and Hbox Winter Carnival

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