Featuring: Cihuae!

I followed the landmark in the notecard and came to a tiny little shop. You know that old adage, big things come in small packages? Well this fit the bill precisely.

Albros Breda, creator behind Cihuae! Fine Fashion Jewelry, has created some really lovely jewelry in a variety of bold geometric shapes and classic designs. I found myself quite drawn to the intricate designs and overall nice texture work. All her jewelry is transferable, non-copy and she does not use generators to help her in the process.

There are a few things that once I buy jewelry are make it or break it’s for me. Does the necklace have a good laying angle on the neck? And do the piece have to be worn with each other or can I mix it up and wear it with others I already have. The first is easy enough to tell and I am happy to report that after minor adjustments the necklaces all laid perfectly on my neck, shoulders and chest. How many times I have put on something to ihave it sit out and away from my body in a very unrealistic way. The second question, can it be worn with others jewelry is a tough thing to tell until you have it out and you are looking at it. Textures on vendors can be very deceiving! The metal textures Albros has are very nice and you can see a realistic shine. It looks to me like an actual metal texture and not a grey texture with a low shine added to it.

I have a variety of designs to show you and there are several others in store worth a closer look. She has a few items that have color change options and several very nice items for men as well. 


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