Merry, Merry, Happy Christmas. Pt. 1

All things culminate to this most joyous of time of year. I am not a freebie blogger per say. I do of course grab things and work them into outfits from time to time but I spend plenty o’ money on the grid. However every one and their uncle is gifting us with holiday goods and at a rate that nary the true clothes horse could keep up with. I watch the feeds and I watch individual blogs and am part of a heap of groups and I am just going to share some of the amazing things I have been gifted, picked up as a freebie or spent hard earned clams on. This is as the title says…only the beginning!

Please see below for a summary of each look…


Going right to left on each row:

  1. Title image
  2. Outfit – Bijou (free gift); Shoes – The Abyss
  3. Outfit – *BOOM* Santa Cutey; Stockings – Rebel X Snowflake (free gift), Shoes – Eva
  4. Outfit – Kuri Style; Shoes – Sweeter Than Candy (group gift)
  5. Outfit – Royal Designs (dollarbie); Candy Cane Horns & Gingerbread mouth cookie from MiaSofia (holiday gift); Shoulder Mouse (holiday gift) and Paw Boots (Lucky Chair) from Needful Things
  6. Outfit – Royal Designs (dollarbie); Shoulder Fairy from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy); Shoes – Tesla (former gift)
  7. Outfit – Rebel X (Lucky Chair); Antlers from Uncle Wiggly; Shoes – hard to see but really cute from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy)
  8. Skin – MiaSofia(holiday gift); Outfit – Pixel Dolls (former group gift); Pose – 1 of 3 from Imperial Elegance (current pick reward)
  9. Outfit – Haute Style & Co (current month gift); Antlers from SugarMill (dollarbie); Shoes – J’s (group gift)
  10. Outfit including Jewelry – Crimson Shadow; Candy Cane in mouth gift from my friend Quinn Swashbuckler(Thanks Quinn!)
  11. Outfit – Church of Lux (former group gift can now be gotten in Lucky Chair)
  12. Outfit – Blue Blood (be forewarned, there are no glitch pants or underwear layer. A real treat for Santa, hmm? lol )
  13. Outfit – the lingerie’s including stocking sin one outfit (panties and garters not shown) and skirt and glasses (separate) from Artilleri (advent gifts no longer available)
  14. Outfit – Alchemy (holiday gift); Ice Wings from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy)
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