Bare Rose Challenge

I feel very late to this gravy train but that of course doesn’t lessen the admiration for June Dion and company and the amazing outfits, accessories, hair and so much more they put out there for us hungry consumers. When I saw Mr. Jefferson’s challenge I knew that I had plenty of outfits, I just had to pick one. I had something in mind almost immediately and I bring you my little bit of Bare Rose love.


I had seen pieces of this look on Flickr, I can’t remember where, it was quite some time ago. At the time I recall I eagerly ran over to BR in search of the outfit. If memory serves I think it took me 2 or 3 trips to finally locate it. Yes I could have asked but that defeats the purpose of oogling all the vendors to find what I needed. The outfit in general is like a cross between knock out sexy school uniform and military ensemble for uber vixen. I chose to use just  a few of the pieces from this set the dress, the tie. As always the outfit comes with every layer you could or would need and in several colors. One of my favorte things about oufits like this is that you can mix them up with other outfits and other designers.

Civvies is a store I used to frequent quite a bit in my “younger” days on the grid. They have great grungy wears and I love the ripped up war-torn gear they have. Tons of layers and different colors. The texture work here is unsurpassed in my eyes. The rip, tears and snags look next thing to the pair i got a runner in last week. Who knew holes in stockings could be so sexy? To cover up a bit of the leg I went with slouchy socks from Scribble. I picked them up at the Harajukubox Winter Carnival. Hopefully you were able to make it to that! Awesome texture and good sculpts. I did have to resize and adjust the prims to work with my AO, but once set I have not had any futher trouble. I accessorized with gloves that mirrored the color of the tie and a ushanka hat because as I said before I had this military sort of feel. I took pictures at the urban Saijo City that will sadly be closing the end of the year so if you haven’t been now would be the time to go! Thanks to Winter Jefferson for putting this great challenge out there and of course to June Dion and all at Bare Rose!

Wearing ~

Hat – Tank’D in dusk from SiniStyle
Outfit – (Including ties, whit top and dress with garters) Erotika Uniform from Bare Rose
Bra & Stockings – War-Torn Gear from Civvies
Gloves – Nif Nif gloves in red from Leezu Baxter Design
Socks -Slouchy Socks (Black) Socks from Scribble
Shoes – UNISEX Engineer Long Boots (just foot attachment) from J’s

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