In my sheer boredom yesterday I forgot to post anything! And I almost forgot today as well. Fellow Fashion Ascension blogger Stacie Pryor and I got together to snap some shots for our blog header and some new profile shots. I never really realized how difficult it was to place a theme on a photo shoot. Stacie had asked me if there was something I wanted her to wear “White, with black and red accessories” I told her. Not as easy as I thought it would be. I had a look in my minds eye but sometimes that can be very difficult to translate into “virtual reality”.

I was envisioning a sweater and pants. I started my search at Armidi and found a great little dress and pants. After trying it on I felt cold and thought it would be more difficult to find a cover up than to try and find another outfit. I tried Skin Flicks and found some individual pieces that were really cute but again not quite it. My last stop was Muism and I found a great white sweater, not exactly what I was looking for but it was warm and cozy feeling and in the end I think it worked perfectly. It’s actually a men’s sweater and took quite a bit of modification to get the pieces to a doable size for my avi.


Now it is not typically my style to go with one store for a whole look but one can search all over for something and find themselves back at the first thing they had found. I had seen pants at Armidi and Skin Flicks and they were really nice ones but white tends to be a difficult color to find. It is either grey or silver is or too white with an absence of texture. I found these great cuffed sailor pants at Musim so rather than trying to find a white to match the sweater I went with it. Sleek pants and required no adjusting. I had some great heels from Armidi and now all I had to find was some lovely black and red accessories to offset the white. Again I tried a few shops looking for something in black and red and was only able to find gold as the metal and that wasn’t seeming right. Then I remembered a recent release from Icon. I’m happy to say it not only had red but black as well and could be worn with my sweater collar.

Stacie showed up in a really cute little dress (oh she does love her dresses) and great knee high boots. The dress is from Armidi, one of Stacie’s favorite shops. I has a wide black belt that lent nicely to our theme. And of course her look is finished off by billow boots from Maitreya another of her fave stores. Her lovely jewelry is from Shiny Things. The black metal and ruby stones add beautiful intricacy. We had a great time getting together and minus the continuous loss of our hair to that nasty viewer bug, all turned out great and we got great shots for our blog. Have a great night all!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – ML Necklace and earrings in Red metal from [ICoN]
Top – Chunky Sweater Cable Knit in Off-white from Muism
Pants – High-Waisted Sailor Pants in White from Muism
Shoes – Barcelona Slingback in White from Armidi Gisaci

Dress – Trend du Jour in Bianco from Armidi Gisaci
Jewelry – Savage Set in Black and Ruby from Shiny Things
Shoes – Billow Boots in Cherry from Maitreya

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