Desert Thorns

I am always on the look out for interesting sims. A good friend of mine TP’d me to a set of sims belonging to the Princeton Group and off in one little corner was this odd looking tree that was something like a cyclops with cracked earth and thorny bushes. I liked that is was just a tiny and deserted island and thought, snappies!

This outfit is a crazy sort of it happens to work sort of thing. I had enjoyed Black Friday sales in RL plenty of times but was happy to see that there were a few shops that had it in world. One of those was Haute Style & Co and I made it over the check things out and take advantage of Forda Fairlane’s generosity. I found this cozy Cortina sweater and could not pass it up. It has a beautiful cowled neck that snuggles in to keep you warm and is accessorized with a bow and feathering detail that really adds some interesting texture to the fairly heavy knit of the sweater. I really like the dual layer sleeve cuffs; the added brown crepe material adds yet another layer of texture and it moves nicely when your hand and arms move. Add to that the tie belt wound through the waist and you call it good! 

A notice let me know that Digit Darkes had released new pants and upon closer inspection found them to be rich fall and winter colors with a large floral outline pattern. They have a great cut and a reasonable price and the choco was calling out to me in a big way! As luck would have it it matched my sweater as if the two had been created together! SCORE! The luck carried over and C was on Digit’s lucky chair and I won hair! A style I like and have in another color but was loving the fiery look of this chair win with the deep browns of the outfit. To carry that same color a bit farther and tie it all in I slipped into strapped heels in persimmon from ETD (Yes, I got every shoe under the sun at the sale) and the color was perfect match to the whole look. Thanks to Thomas for dragging me out and showing me around some new sims!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Gold double rombhus set from Cihuae
Sweater – Cortina sweater from Haute Style & Co.
Manicure – Glitter Manicure Crimson from Sin Skins
Pants – Developer Pants in Choco  from Digit Darkes
Shoes – Heel Strap Platforms in Persimmon from ETD

Photos taken at Diversity

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