Merry, Merry, Happy Christmas. Pt. 2

The cheer just keeps on coming and everyone is reaping the benefits! I am back with a second installment of goodies that have been gifted, waited for tirelessly and bought! I love being out shopping and seeing everyone in their holiday finery! Perhaps you haven’t seen a few of these! Make sure and hit them up and merry tidings to everyone!

Please see below for a summary of each look…

Going left to right on each row:

  1. Title image
  2. Tops – Novocaine (holiday gift in store)
  3. Outfit – Oops Fashion; Shoes – Digital Dragon Design
  4. Top – Crush Factory (Sale o red and green items); Pants – Crush Factory; Neck scarf – Artilleri (advent gift); Shoes – Urban Bomb Unit; Bag – PLOD (Snowman hunt); Tree – PLOD (freebie at hunt)
  5. Shoulder snowman – Leafy (group gift); Chest tattoo and gloves – LeeZu Baxter (part of outfit, in store gifts); Top – Callie Cline (part of outfit, slae on red and green items); Pants – Artilleri (advent gift); Shoes – Zero Number
  6. Outfit – Ladybird; Shoes – Zero Number
  7. Outfit – World Wide Industries; Tree backpack – skinPop; Shoes – Shiny Things
  8. Shirt and shorts – Armidi (part of outfit); Apron – Surf Company (group gift)
  9. Long Santa Coat and shoes – Sweeter Than Candy (group gift); Lingerie – no information available
  10. Hair and lights – Deviant Kitty (group gift); Shirt – Stuff; Neck scarf – Artilleri (advent gift); Pants – Artilleri; Shoes – MiaSofia
  11. Outfit – Axel (in store gift); Tattoos – Sn@tch(POE hunt item); Shoes – MiaSofia; Pose – Sugar Mill (POE Hunt item)
  12. Hat – MiaSofia (holiday gift); Shirt – Aitui (in store gift); Pants – Cupcakes (long ago gift); Boots – Algernon (past gift)
  13. Hat – Hatpins (POE hunt); Coat – English Element (lucky chair at HBox Winter Carnival – no longer available); Dress – Ivalde (advent gift)
  14. Outfit – Damiani Fashion Design (advent gift)
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