Hazy Shade Of Grey

I am just about all hunted out! Yet I keep finding time to torture myself with them… On one hunt I happened into this great little shop I had never seen nor heard of. My, my how I love that! In my look-see I found some cute outfits and smart ways to add fun to a look. 

So as I indicated the outfit came together with the purchase of this poncho from a shop called Yome Shoujo. It immediately caught my eye because I am a huge fan of invisible layers with, like this, stars or other shapes. It adds the neatest look to garments so it all but jumped off the wall at me. After putting it on I had a “Crap” moment. The top is meant for a very small avatar with almost no shoulders or one the works with a very specific type of AO. For my avatar my shoulders were clearly visible and no amount of adjusting the prims was going to cover me. The poncho is in desperate need of a jacket layer that would hide your skin. I think I will message the creator because it’s a shame it wasn’t included other wise it would be perfect. It just so happened I had a perfect top to cover me up. It’s a half hoodie in grey and not only did it add arm coverage but also hid my shoulders and added some neat layering to the open front of the poncho.

To add more layers I wanted a bright color top to shine through that star layer and highlight the stars so I went with a bright fuchsia tank from VG Repblic. I was really feeling the grey and pink combo and decided pants was not what I wanted to go with. I started looking for a skirt and I found this adorable skirt in a pink a few shades lighter than the top. It even has a pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of snow flakes, perfect! Because it is colder than one should have to ever deal with here in my RL (8 below when I got up at 5:30am) I needed some nice heavy tights to keep the nethers warm. I went back to my all time favorite fatpack of tights from Veschi. Tons of great patterns and ALL tintable. A mix and match girl’s dream come true.

And some boots to warm up my tootsie’s are from Shiny Things, hands down some of the best on the grid! And to really throw in some warm wishes on my person, earmuffs. These are from 2007’s CSR and a wonderful gift from BettiePage Voyager. I took pictures at a really beautiful sim called Revelations. Some really amazing trees here and I love the river that runs through it. Oh and tons of couples poses, it is truly a sim with the photo loving person in mind! Ok, I’m off to try and thaw out my feet.


Wearing ~

Earmuffs – Black sunflower ear muffs from BP*
Earrings – MODEA Hyper-Gems Formal Earrings from JCNY
Top – ‘Beater Tanktop’ in Fuschia from VG Republic
Jacket – Half Hoodie in grey from Nyte’N’Day
Poncho – PONCHO gray from YOMESHOUJO
Gloves – Gloves Short Black from Fleur
Skirt – Pink Future Skirt (E.) from Pushbutton Industries
Tights – Tintable Tights Heavy Knit from Veschi
Shoes – Glossy Ribbon Boots in black from Shiny Things

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