Gilded Leopard

I’m having writers block. I’m officially out of funds and I am resorting to my inventory for all things needed for posts at least until after Christmas. I know there is a large portion of items I have never worn in my inventory and so I’m all over this putting a dent in the “what I have” category.

I had kind of started this outfit last night and it was not really working for me. I had the coat, a lovely fur coat from Indyra Originals. It is a sassy mixture of furs and leather. it took a bit of resizing and moving the prims to make it fit right so be warned on that front. I also had a bit of trouble finding something to go under it. I think I was just in a hurry and anxious to get something put together. But I as finding that brown looked odd because of the black and black wasn’t looking right because of the black fur on the coat. White was OK but not exactly right. Gold was by far the best option I cam up with and this top/dress from League I think worked perfectly one because of the color and two because it had a good length as the coat is almost a crop.

The top is also a dress but as I was standing there I was feeling really drafty so I thought leggings would be perfect and these metallic tights from Armidi are great because they have a very deep black color. They also come in a workable layer that being underpants as I have on the pants for the dress. lastly I was treated to the new shoes from Digit Darkes, her new sculpted Messina heel. I am here to tell you I have a new fave! They come in 19 different patter and color combos and the little buckle on the toe comes in gold and silver for each pair. And there is a menu with sound, AO and bling options as well as several preset sizes. Love the options and the fit is spot on. Go, you must purchase some of these fabulous shoes! I finished the look off with sunglasses, because it just felt very rich and glamorous to me! I’m off to brave the cold again! Have a wonderful day!

Wearing ~

Glasses – Jerry in black from ROLE OPTIC GLASSES
Earrings – Fringe Earrings in black from ETD Accessories
Jacket – Republica Jacket Cheetah-bronze trim from Indyra Originals
Dress/top – Halter Dress/Top  in gold from League
Pants – Metallic Tights in black from  Armidi Limited
Shoes – Messina Heel-Leopard Natural from Digit Darkes Shoes

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