Merry, Merry, Happy Christmas. Pt. 3

Week three of wonderful gifts and creations. On item in particular I am not kidding, my inventory is spotless now thanks to far too much time waiting for that lovely bauble! I hope you all have your shopping done. I myself have yet to start, oy! Wish me luck all!

Please see below for a summary of each look…

Going left to right on each row:

  1. Title image
  2. Top – Kawaii (lucky chair); Jeans (Maitreya (previous gift); Leg Strap – Animas Design; Shoes – Zero Numer; Back Pack – Voo Doo Dolls (lucky chair…I waited FOREVER for this one); Nose – Schadenfreude (instore gift); Earrings – Stellar Designs (instore dollarbie)
  3. Hat/hair – World Wide Industries (group gift);Outfit – S@BBia (lucky board); Egg Nog IV – CatNip; Sock – Nyla; Shoes – Tesla (previous gift); Egg Nog (hand attachment) – Shadenfreude (instore gift)
  4. Lingerie – Blacklace (Candy Cane Hunt); Nails – Candy Nails (QRI Hunt)
  5. Top – Sway’s Creations (lucky chair); Ring – Kess Kreations; Antlers, ears and tail – Eat Rice (instore gift); Skirt – Fishy Strawberry (instore gift); Stockings- no information available; Shoes – Truth
  6. Hat/hair – W&Y (QRI hunt); Top – Sway’s Creations (advent gift); Skirt – Artilleri (advent gift); Socks – Encore; Shoes – UBU
  7. Outfit – LVS (low cost item); Jewelry set (earrings, necklace and headband) – UnTone Quilt (instore gift); Shoes – Shoe Fly
  8. Gown – Inara’s (prize camp); Jewelry – Digital Knickers (group gift); Hug Pet – Pink Fuel (group gift)
  9. Top – Artilleri (advent gift); Skirt – Blow-Up (QRI hunt); Antler, Rufus bear, and Red pumps – Deviant Kitty (instore gift); Stockings – Rebel X (instore gift)
  10. Outfit – Lo*Momo; Earrings – Stellar Designs (instore dollarbie); Shoes – Eva
  11. Oufit (Blue Balls) – Weirdiculous (candy cane hunt); Candy Cane (mouth) – Schdenfreude (instore gift)
  12. Hair – BP* (group gift); Outfit – Voo Doo Dolls (POE Hunt); Scarf – Aoharu (lucky chair); Shoes – Deviant Kitty (instore gift); Shoulder pet, Poinsetta – Sway’s Creations (subscribo gift)
  13. Outfit – SF Designs (advent…check subscribo); Slippers – Rebel Hope (group gift); Box – Atomic Kitty (Advent gift)
  14. Outfit – Fishy Strawberry (lucky chair); Shoes – Wrong
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