Queen Ruffle

I have been a little scattered this week let me tell ya! I am happy to report however that I made a mountain of cookies yesterday and I am a few bourbon balls to the wind! While shopping at a store the other day I was talking with a friend. We were watching fashion community names come and go and we both thought it was funny that no one was talking to anyone. We made a joke about everyone looking at one another and doing that point, click, inspect song and dance. I will admit I do it myself. With the hunt season in full force I have to say I am running across tons of people from other cultures and they are donning clothes I have never seen. It’s like a visual smorgasbord of new places to shop!

During one such random invasion of privacy I saw this pixel lady wearing this most lovely coat! The whole outfit was great but as I stood transfixed on her coat; I knew I was gonna have to get it. A few rubs and nudges later I was standing in a shop and staring at the object of my desire! The real shocker here is that not only is there two “ruffle” colors, brown as I am wearing and cream, but the whole thing is only 150 smackers. I mean really? Tis my lucky day!! It has a nice multi-color pattern that in places is a bit out of focus and of course the prims had to be tinted due to my light settings. I also had to do quite a bit of moving around the bust of the main coat piece. I think this is because most Asian avatars favor a fairly small shape. Lucky the whole outfit is mod and it was easy to move things to better suit my body. It also comes in two other colors, green and red and the store is also teaming with many other great items.

Since the coat is visually very busy I decided to keep the rest of it very simple. en Svale had an in store gift of sock, I have paired them up with several outfits I have worn and I am quite tickled with them. They are a little sheer and have a nice texture around the thigh cuff to add some interest. I hadn’t wore my suede boots from Maitreya since last year and I’m happy that they are well made and still can compete with the newer styles that have come out. As I was standing there appraising the outfit I noticed one thing. I was having some serious issues with big body little head so to elevate and cover up my noggin’ I pulled out another gift in the form of this adorable little top hat from Yome Shoujou. The cards add some fun and it’s hard to see but there is also a little rose (only a flat texture).

Last but not least I am wearing my much coveted ring from Flirt called Bloom, it’s a real beaut! It has 5 gem stones, I’m wearing onyx. Each ring is customizable through handy menu and comes with 12 crystal options, I am wearing emerald. Let’s not forget a choice of 6 metal as well.  Your purchase will come with right and left hand attachments which is ever so handy! It’s beautiful and so customizable that it will compliment any outfit. I’m beat and freezing so I’m gonna slink off to wrap some gifts. More tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Hat – Gift hat from Yome Shoujo
Earrings – Conversation Hearts Antique Gold Earrings in amber from Fresh Baked Goods
Coat – Ruffle_coat in cream from MNK
Ring – Bloom Ring Black Onyx in Emerald from Flirt
Socks – Free Knee Socks in olive from en Svale
Shoes – Dune in Brown from Maitreya

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