Merry, Merry, Happy Christmas. Pt. 4

Well Christmas is tomorrow and I broke my neck today trying to get the last post up to share last minute wonders of designing and creative beauty with you all. The unfortunate thing is that I still have mountains of equally fabulous items that didn’t make it. There is just not enough hours in the day! I want to thank all the amazing content creators who were generous and put out gifts, to all those involved in the plethora of hunts, and to fellow bloggers who shared the joy of the season with all who peruse the feeds! Have a safe and happy holiday and merry returns to everyone!

Please see below for a summary of each look…


Going left to right on each row:

  1. Title Image
  2. Outfit – Icing (group gift); Fur – BOOM (gift from Aranel); Shoes – GeorgiaBean Lately (instore gift); Tray – MB CreationZ (instore gift)
  3. Outfit – Lo*Momo (group gift); Stockings and Garters – Vinyl Cafe (in store gift); Antlers/hair – Uncle Wiggly (wearable demo)
  4. Outfit – katatOnik (holiday sae item); Coal – Schadenfreude (in store stocking gift)
  5. Outfit – Artilleri (advent gifts); Shoes – GeorgiaBean Lately (instore gift); Panda and Kitty – Atomic Kitty (instore gift); Jewelry set – I forgot to check this, I’ll update later
  6. Top – Refuge (instore gift); Panties – Armidi (part of set from; Socks and feet – TOSL (Starlust group gift); Neck & Armwarmers – Lotta (group gift)
  7. ON KIM — Hoodie – Miau Haus (instore gift); Scarf – Kyoot (group gift) ON CERRIE — Jacket – M.R.M. Factory (lucky chair); Socks – Vinyl Cafe (instore gift) Pose – Juicy (group gift)
  8. Fur Bolero – Fishy Strawberry (instore gift – Crush Row); Lingerie set – Gracie’s (instore gift); Jewelry set – Alienbear (instore gift)
  9. Dress – Thimbles (group gift)
  10. Outfit – Honey*Kitty (group gift); Shoes – Hoorenbeek (instore gift)
  11. Top – BOOM (instore gift – Crush Row); Pants – League (instore gift – Crush Row and main locations); Jewelry – Coquette part of outfit instore gift); Mouth Spoon – Lazy Place’s (instore sale item – Axis)
  12. Dress – MP Haute Style (I bought this but I did see it was in the lucky chair with other great outfits); Earrings – U&R Dogs (so hard to see…instore gift)
  13. Hat – Hatpins (POE Hunt); Top – MiaSofia; Suspenders – Thimbles; Boxers – (free item with registration and purchase); Socks – Sinistyle; Shoes – Shiny Things; Monocle – Crie Style (Don’t recall when I got this, It might have been the Footprint Hunt)
  14. Outfit – Kami-Hitoe (Footprint Hunt); Earrings – U&R Dogs (Footprint Hunt); Shoes – Shoe Fly (gift from CCTV)
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