What’s In Cerrie’s Bag (Her Grown Up Self)

I was talking to Stacie and she said she wanted to do this challenge set forth by Iris at SCDand I thought it was funny. I told her I was sure that I had about 50 Equal™ and Splenda™ packets that I had stolen from a restaurant. That convinced her that I had to do it. So here we have the contents the REAL Cerrie’s purse.


Here is what we have:

  •  My purse
  • Sunglasses case and the sunglasses are actually in there. More time than not they are missing
  • Two random lists of stuff that I needed at the grocery
  • My wallet with credits cards and other stuff I hardly ever use (Note: never put a red leather wallet in a black suede purse, really bad idea)
  • My cigarette case wallet, this has my ID and credit card and a few paper cash bills and let’s not forget my sushi club card!
  • Gloves (I need to wash those)
  • $2.01…stuck in a pocket…not sure why
  • My iPod
  • Car keys and security fro a I never drive and a parking meter key. Oh I have a Johnny Depp key chain cause I love him and all those little club member cards
  • Cell case
  • Bottle Cap Tripod, I brilliant little invention
  • Calendar (let’s see if I actually use it)
  • Library card  for a county I no longer live in and used as a windshield scrapper when I was in TN
  • Starbucks gift card from my mom (the woman is love!) Oh and I just saw there is a little purse lint on there too…BONUS hahaha
  • Chewing gum wrapper, now this I really have no idea how it got in there, I don’t chew gum. Twas probably my boyfriends trick…
  • Ticket Stub to Grand Old Opry tour I went on in November (This one was a surprise)
  • Personal hygiene junk, Floss, lip goo, fingernail clippers and 2 little emery boards
  • 2 hair clips of different size and last but not least…
  • Stolen contraband from the restaurant I ate at on Christmas Eve!

I’m so happy this was all I had in there!

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