I’ve Been Dressed…by TearSong Vaughn

This is my first Dress Me Up Challenge outfit suggestioned by Ms. TearSong Vaughn and I went into it full force and grabbed this challenge by the horns. After some minor difficulties I got it all pieced together and I have to say this is SO not my norm but it is a beautiful look and were it my thing I think I could rock it out!


Here is what TearSong had to say… “OK I hope you’re not gonna hate me forever for suggesting this but I was thinking it would be fun to do something completely different. You do cover lots of things but I can’t recall you doing anything with Tekeli-Li!. Yes, I’d like you to go fantasy. Not sweet faerie-fantasy though :) I’d suggest the new Inanna set (hair, jeweled bra..belt..jewelry) and a nice fantasy or drow skin (maybe something from Fallen Gods?) or maybe the Loremaster outfit. Why I like this? Well even though it’s no casual wear I love the hairs and outfits at tekeli-li, the primwork is amazing and you rarely see ‘fantasy’ outfits like these on the feeds.”

Both of the stores she pointed me to are amazing. Tekeli-Li has the most incredible primwork and I can truthfully say I have never worn anything quite this intricate before. The outfit cost around 600 and for some odd reason there is not complete pack option. You can buy all the jewelry piece which includes headdress, choker, armrings, cuffs, and anklets. The bra and bikini pieces are each sold separately. The beauty of this outfit, beyond the aesthetic, is that they are scripted for color change! There are tons of color options, I have two suggestions for the creator, Tekelili Tantalus, those would be to perhaps give a notecard with some suggested color combinations, and would it be at a possible to either make it menu driven for the color change, rather than chat text change or at least resizable via menu? The sizing was painful. I do realize that a shape comes included and I’m sure it fit that perfectly but to be honest, I have my own shape and unless the outfit is for a full avatar I never ever try the shape on. On another note, do not try to TP while wearing this outfit. It simply will not happen. It is because of all the color change scripts and the high prim count TP’ing was impossible and it took me literally 2 days to figure that out!

Next I was to visit Fallen Gods for skins. It took me a bit to locate the fantasy skins she spoke about so this gave me a good chance to look at the regular skins and they are nice; not your mainstream fair. The fantasy skin I am wearing Dark Elf in Dusk and costs 900, not bad for a skin. The tone is beautiful and I love the subtle changes in color. There are several different makeup options I chose Thorn cause I have a thing for face tattoos. The only thing I noticed is that theirlack a little sharpness or clarity and the nipples are an odd color and again lack definition, neither of these were a deal breaker. Do elves run around nude alot? I may need to check on that one! ;) I couldn’t leave without some ears to complete the true fantastical look.  TearSong I hope this is what you were wanting, can’t wait to hear what you think!

Wearing ~

Skin – DARK ELF female SKIN in DUSK Thorns from Fallen Gods Inc.
Ears – DARK ELF EARS in Dusk from Fallen Gods Inc.
Outfit – Inanna from Tekeli-li

Pictures taken at Avilion 4

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