I’ve Been Dressed…by Phire Zuhra

Installation numero dos of the Dress Me Up Challenge and I loved this suggestion (yes, loved) and it was brought to me by Phire Zuhra. Phire suggested a few stores that I have tons of goodies from but for some odd reason I just don’t wear much. Well today is the day!

Here is what Phire had to say… “I want to see you in an outfit from DP Yum Yum and some hair from BP*. I think for shoes a nice pair of cute flats like the ones from Truth, Shiny Things or ETD. I shall leave the skin choice up to you, but suggest something with a more natural,less make-up look to it.” Can do! Truthfully I didn’t go to any of these stores at all the day I put this look together, but instead turned to the deep dark depths of my inventory. DP YumYum along with many of the other shops at iTuTu had a PINK sale for Halloween. Not wanting to miss out on a sale at a shop I love I bought many items and then relegated them to folder to “be sorted” and well they are for the first time seeing light. This adorable A line coat is so wonderfully crafted I feel bad I never wore it before. It consists of 4 sculpted pieces, collar, cuffs and the body. The collar has a wonderfully ornate flower broach in lace and the same texture as the collar. The body piece with buttons is very easy to adjust and move and at no point did I lose the buttons with any of the poses I did. True craftsmanship in my eyes.

The shorts would have been adorable on their own. They have a wide waist belt with great buttons (all system) and the sculpted leg pieces look almost like at skirt at times. I can only say cute so many times but they really are and complimented the coat well. I believe all the textures used are hand painted and well worth every penny you would spend on them, sale or not! I was asked to also don hair from BP* and I had just the perfect style, again another I had never worn. This one I got at the Hair Fair. Yes, I know, I’m a real dork letting things sit like this in my inventory. It is a chignon with BettiePage’s signature whispies and perfect hair texture! It has a great loose pile on top of the head and you can almost see it moving which may in part be from the near palpable shine. I am typically one that wears a swoop bang style as I find the straight cuts to be a little severe but the bits of skin peeking through seem to make this ever youthful style very wearable.

Phire wanted me in flats from one of three shops and I thought I might wear the laced up ballet flats from Shiny Things but they were not striking my happy chord, the Franciose Flats however were all but singing to me the moment I put them on. Fallingwater Cellardoor’s shoes have been a long time favorite of mine. She creates classic shoes that fit well with nary a worry. I simply accessorized with some non-pink items since I was on a train bound for too much of a good thing. The socks are from Scribble; and a great texture addition to the overall outfit. Clever in the different heights as it adds to this very young look I am sporting. And some simple wooden earrings, ring and bracelet finish everything out. Oh, Phire had also wanted to see me in a less done up looking makeup; I will admit I am a sucker for a smokey eye! I think this beautiful skin from PopFuzz compliments nicely and is considerably more natural looking. So tell me Phire, how did I do?

Wearing ~

Hair – Yuka chignon in dark brown from BP*
Skin – Glamour Skins Bare from PopFuzz
Earring – Wood-Accessories from Kumamoto Japan
Coat – A line coat in pink from DP YumYum
Bracelet – Wood_Bracelet from Ume Mode
Ring – Wood coin ring from Creamshop
Shorts – Short pants in pink from DP YumYum
Socks – Slouchy Socks in Brown from Scribble
Shoes – Francoise Flats in bubblegum from Shiny Things

Photos taken at BP* Furniture Store

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