I’ve Been Dressed…By Candy Lemmon

Outfit three for thee; I like to rhyme. Dear blogger pal Candy Lemmon is the source of today’s post. She has me stepping out of my nice safety zone here. That’s right you spy me as a blond. But this challenge was about perhaps trying things that aren’t my norm… OK, I’m charging ahead.

Here is what Candy had to say…”Mix something from Last Call with something from Bare Rose, and do it… blond.” This is another challenge I had to do no shopping for. I have a folder full of all things Last Call and they are some of my most favorite items to wear. i also have a folder full of Bare Rose wonders. I am trying to put things out there that I have not worn in some time and I immediately landed on this decadent coat from B@R to start the look out. What we have is a vampy latex coat with mod silver buckles. In true fashion of June Dion we have amazing attachments. The large cowl neck gives stunning views of the neckline and the prim and sculpted cuffs add whimsy. The set also comes with the coat in fuchsia and yellow. I originally spied this on the Queen Diva of all, Ms. Swirly Cyclone. I can only dream of pulling off this coat as she can.

For the Last Call portion of today’s entertainment I pulled pieces from two outfits. The pants came first and I with the system skirt of the coat I felt very bare and well my assets looked giant but I couldn’t modify the shape as it would have just not looked right. I came up with the perfect piece, this white pleased skirt fit under perfectly!   I also pulled out the bra from the same folder and the royal color worked nicely with the coat even if you only see a hint of it.

And while digging about I found a snowflake necklace set also from Last Call; I think it was meant to be! Candy’s other stipulation was that I had to rock this out as a blond. Anyone reading the blog for ever a week will see I’m a brunette, but how hard can this be? If I am gonna go blond I have to wear my fave hair creator, Mr. Truth Hawks and because he is generous I have this funky little updo and the desert suited me just fine. It works, what do you think Candy? It’s simple but I think the pieces speak for themselves!

Wearing ~

Hair – Amy Jane in desert from TRUTH
Manicure -Polish Blue from Chai
Jewelry Set –  Winter Iniquity from LC Covet
Bra – Contradiction Zebra Bra in royal from Last Call
Coat – Decadance Maia Blue Shirt from B@R
Skirt – Contradiction white pleated skirt from Last Call
Pants – Casey white pants from Last Call
Shoes –

Photos taken at Winter Wonderland presented by dAlliez Estates

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