Welcome 2009

We sincerely wish you a great New Year!
Thank you so much for making us and our blog
 a part of your second lives in 2008.
We have bigger and better plans for 2009!

So Fashion Ascension is officially one year old. I posted my first blog December 7, 2006 (look at my lame picture) and I really feel like I have come a long way! I’m  so happy that Stacie contacted me and took me up on my desperate plea for help, I think she has added great style and voice. So to carry on with tradition, I asked Stacie to join me in laying down a few resolutions. I am completely laughing at myself as last year I was pretty naive to the “fashion community”. I have a better handle now for sure, though I learn things every day. So here goes…

I had 5 Resolutions last year. You can take a look at them if you like, oof they’re so comical. Live and learn, live and learn! You can also read my attempt at foreseeing the future. Basically I stink at that, I need to stick to shoes and jeans!

Cerrie’s 2009 Resolutions

  1. Clean my inventory…do we not all say this? Well I pulled a whole bunch of things out of my house when I set up for Xmas and wanted to set them back out now that the season has passed. I looked, and looked, and looked and nada. It’s in there somewhere! What this little search showed me was boxes in folders in folders with other boxes. Cute stuff too! Things I could and should be wearing! I am at 38K + Time to sort, purge and get myself feeling good about this mobile home I drag around with me!
  2. Have a successful year with my new job…that’s right I am now gainfully employed. I will be writing a column for Teleport magazine and February will be my first article. I did say I wanted to start a business last year and that so obviously didn’t happen, instead I will sell what I know and am familiar with…fashion Cerrie style.
  3. Spend a more reasonable amount of money….now I said this last year the difference with this year is I know I’m gonna spend, I just need to spend less. Because frankly that is part of the fun of being here, to wear that amazing Shai Delacroix dress that I would not be caught dead in my real world! So kindly if you see me in a store and you see my little eyes lit up take away my Metacard and send me home! kthnx
  4. Spend more time stalking people that I claim to stalk…yes, that means you Kess. Actually what it means is enjoying those that I have gotten to know and mean something to my lives. This is fair warning if I am on your friends list, prepare for the onslaught of Cerrie…mwhahahahahahaaaaa
  5. To say THANK YOU as much as possible….because I don’t think it happens enough. I read the feeds, I’m a plurker, I hear people talk and rant and rave about the (I’ll say it) greedy, rude, demanding people that feel they are entitled to everything short of the sun. Our beloved content creators are a great group of people and they give a tremendous amount. So if I buy something from you (or even get something fantabulous as a free gift or whathave you) and I am over the moon about it, I’m not gonna sit and bug you for years but I will at least send a notecard and tell you thank you. I secretly stalk most of you anyway and perhaps this is a good way for me to appear less fangirl when I do have a chance to meet you! I know, I’m utterly ridiculous.

So I feel all resolved in my Cerrie Plan for 2009 and without further ado I give you Stacie Pryor…

So, Cerrie wanted me to come up with a few New Year’s Resolutions for our Happy New Year post.  I’m going to give it the old schoolgirl try, but I will post a disclaimer here and now: I will probably break these.  At least I’m gonna give it my best, right?  I hope not to break them though, so feel free to hold me accountable in 2009. :)
Anyway, for 2009, I resolve to …

  1.  … blog more.  When I joined Fashion Ascension, I was brought in to help Cerrie out with her weekend posts.  The goal was to get a post up each day, but seven posts a week for one person is a huge undertaking, so Cerrie entrusted me with bringing weekend fashion to the readers of Fashion Ascension.  Since then, Cerrie has given me full reign to post whenever I want.  Yet, I have been pretty lazy, and only add random posts during the week sporadically.  So, in 2009, I will do much better, be alot less lazy, and post more than just weekend posts.
  2. … be more creative.  I have an inventory full of fashions that need to be used.  And I am really bad about being quick to buy new items rather than utilizing what I have.  So, in 2009, I will do a better job of using things I have and incorporating them with new items, as well. 
  3. … learn an actual skill.  So far, all I know how to do in SL is shop, hang out, and take pictures.  I wish I could build, or make my own clothing, or take REALLY GREAT pictures, or contribute something to the community of SL besides blogging.  Don’t get me wrong, though!  I really enjoy fashion blogging, and I think I’m doing pretty good for not even reaching my first rezday yet (then again, maybe I am a bit biased).  But, I would love to learn a difficult skill and put it to use.  So, if anyone wants to teach me something, please let me know.  I am very eager to learn!
  4. … make more friends and attend more social gatherings.  Seriously, I get invited to functions and parties all the time.  And I am horrible about not going to them.  I rarely hang out with new friends in SL.  Hell, I rarely hang out with old friends in SL.  So, in 2009, I will be MUCH more social.  Make new friends, spend time with the friends I already have, and have more fun!  I’m eager to meet my plurk buddies inworld, so please add me as your friend, and definitely IM if you want to hang!
  5. … take more risks.  So far, I have played it pretty safe and avoided controversy and drama at all costs (although sometimes the drama found me anyways).  However, sometimes you need to stand up for something, especially yourself.  So, no more Shy Stacie.  I’m gonna get out there and be who I am and not be afraid of it.  Because life is too short, right?
  6. … organize my inventory.  This is a resolution that I am bound and determined to keep.  My inventory is a total disaster, and I have no excuses for it.  I have a good base to work from: I created folders and sub-folders galore for organizational heaven.  Yet, somehow, I never get the actual cleaning-out and organizing done.  So, in 2009, I am determined to get my inventory in tiptop shape.  MARK MY WORDS! 
    and, finally…
  7. … maintain a healthier RL/SL balance.  I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in SL.  I have been even more blessed to have some of these good friends cross over into my RL.  So, in 2009, I resolve to keep things in perspective and maintain a healthier balance between SL and RL.  It seems this year that I have been too immersed in SL at times, even to the detriment of the things I love in RL.  So, somehow (I have NO idea how), I’m gonna blog more and spend more time with friends in SL while also keeping my RL straight.  I really hope this is possible.  Maybe it is just a matter of managing my time in SL more efficiently.  Any suggestions?  LOL

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope it is an awesome year for all of you!

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