I’ve Been Dressed…By Maz

I am just moving right along with these challenges and I have to say it has been most fun. Today’s suggestion consists of a suggestion for every major component from top to bottom. So let’s see what Maz has in store for me?

 I would tell ya what Maz had to say but she just gave me specific outfit pieces and I will cover all that. I started with her clothing and shoe suggestions. She wanted me head over to Action Surf & Sk8te. I had been to this shop on a particularly borked day in the past and nothing was loading for me, so I didn’t even know there was clothing. I located the clothing she wanted me to look at I had immediately found a color theme I liked but it wasn’t going to work with her shoe suggestion. Yes I know, I could have chosen something different but I decided to go with it as is. The top she wanted me to wear called Empire is a simple tank with lace straps and hem, it comes in several colors and is reasonably priced. It looks like any normal tank with a ribbed texture but the lace adds a nice feminine touch. I decided on the blue and moved on to the jeans.

Torn jeans Maz said and they are at that! There is a large torn out section on the thigh and tush and a thread bare knee. I chose them in black and after putting them on regretted that decision. While I can appreciate that the designer made the sculpted leg prims resizable via an embedded script this didn’t allow for any color tinting. So as you can see in all of the pictures the prims are considerably darker than the jeans and that just drove me nuts. So perhaps creator MarilynMonroe Munro could add a tinting color option to her menu as well? Next stop was the shoe department and there are some super cute shoes here. All skater styles with a mix of high and low top options and some great patterns as well. She has decided on Floral for me which is a white and black body floral print with green and purple laces in the low top; very cute.


As I stand there and look at the outfit I see a few things, one I can see my ankles and two the tank is a bit low in areas so I decided socks and a bra are gonna do me up right. I was in luck! I grabbed a cute little star bra top in black and purple and some layered socks in “Crazy Colors” I was hoping they would be slightly visible in the holes of the jeans but only just barely. Now that I was sufficiently clothed I moved on to her hair suggestion, Ellie in any color I choose, also from Action. Ellie is a messy side pony tail, that sort of looks like it is being blown in the wind. I decided to go with a color combo of black and brown. I don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason I can never get the move this prim option to work in those resizer scripts. It drives me nuts and makes me loath the resizer thing as a whole! So after quite a bit of sizing and moving the overall hair around I got it to a happy place. That is nothing against the hair, I really do like it, but troubles overshadow at times.

Lastly Maz suggested I wear an Aden skin and this was new to me, I had never gone and seen her skins but was a big fan of her hair so I was looking forward. The skins are very pretty, soft features and lovely lips which mostly have a light tinted glossed look. The eye makeup is also beautifully blended and surprisingly I found the lighter eyes more of a draw, which is a departure from my typical smokey eye love. After much deliberation I finally chose the cateye! Purtiful! I threw on a few accessories a panda cupcake necklace from Pink Fuel because you can never have too many cupcakes or pandas, my fave belt from Kari because is actually comes in a curvy version that fit perfectly the very first time I put it on and elbow warmers from Civvies cause your elbows never can be too warm! Thanks Maz for turning me back on to Action, how did I do? Oh and what’s your inworld name?

Wearing ~

Hair – Action Womens Hair – Jet/Chocolate
Skin – [Aden] Gen. 3 -Tan- CatEye (Cleavage)
Earrings – .:: TBP ::. Tunnel Multi Set Copy (Bagged)
Top – *Action Womens Empire Top – Blue
Necklace – [PF]Panda Cupcake Necklace
Bra – *Action Womens Heart Hawtie – Bra Purple
Elbow Warmers – [CIVVIES] Tube Sock Elbow Warmers – Pink
Belt – { Kari } –  Sweet death belt ( Curvy )
Jeans – *Action Womens Torn Jeans – Black
Socks – *Action Womens Craze Sox – Style 04
Shoes – *Action UNISEX Rockstars Low Tops – Floral

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