I’ve Been Dressed…By Cajsa Lilliehook

Forth challenge post. I have but one more to present tomorrow! Today’s deep and dark outfit is made possible by a suggestion from blogger supremo Cajsa Lilliehook. Cajsa has a very different style than I do so when I saw where she was taking me I did my best not to worry and turn myself over to her capable hands.

Here is what Cajsa had to say…”You’re a very classic dresser and I think you might find something that you will like and can incorporate into the mix and match needs of your wardrobe, but still something wildly different from your usual if you check out Avid. They have a marvelous brocade black suit that mixes and matches beautifully – but worn on its own is a bit more goth than you usually wear. However, I leave the choice to you and just suggest the store, Avid. Hair the Abyss.” So I went over to Avid and yes, these are very gothic inspired clothes. Lots of leather, latex, lace and I think almost everything was in black. I think this is the suit that Cajsa had alluded to and it is a great mix and fabric textures. The suit jacket itself is looks to be a devour or burned-out velvet material and the neckline has a simple lace accent. It has a classic blazer cut for the top of the coat and could use a few more attachments for enhancing it’s look, such as cuffs, but the collar is all we have and it’s made of lace.

This is a duster style coat so the prims come in at the waist anddown to a train. I am not wild about how stiff the waist prim is, there could have been something much softer and better fitting and I tried to play with it and never found a great location, so it pokes out a bit in some of the pictures. The train is also fairly narrow so you must have on a thin bummed avi with narrow hips and very little saddle. The corset top is difficult to see under the jacket but it is a mix of satin and lace an it flows down into a system skirt. Mind you this outfit was pretty pricey. I don’t have anything like it in my inventory at all but I was kind of disappointed to see that some of the standard outfit pieces weren’t included. Coat cuffs as mentioned above and perhaps either a prim flexi skirt or a “in your legs” type of piece that looks like a skirt when worn with pants. I am really just not a fan of system skirts and this one as well left me lacking. The stockings for the outfit are outstanding. The rips, tears and runners are great and since you see so much of the leg I was glad to see that quality was not spared here.

Cajsa also wanted me to try hair from Abyss and it’s a small selection but I was very drawn to this short angular style with it’s choppy layers and razor cut ends. I think it really highlighted the limited edition skin with its ultra pale tone that I chose to wear. I look at it now and I am not 100% happy with my photos but I was going for a very dark look and I think that washed the face out a bit. It is actually a very lovely skin in a softer light setting. In all it’s not a bad look nor a bad outfit, I’m just a girl who likes lots of bells and whistles. Fun to step out and really try something new! Thanks Cajsa, what do you think?

Wearing ~

Hair – Secret from The Abyss
Outfit – Gothica from Avid
Shoes- patent Leather Ankle boot from Bax Coen

Photos taken at The Abyss

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