I’ve Been Dressed…by Achariya

I have saved the suggestion from the purveyor of this challenge for last. Achariya gave me an interesting topic of dress and SL was being particularly “fun” when I was trying to put this together. I overcame adversity and I bring you Cerrie Kimono Style.

Here is what Achariya had to say…”Let’s see… Maybe Japanese? – Kimono and geta from Yabusaka – Formal Japanese updo from Zero Style – Geisha skin (I believe Mijn Boa made a lovely free one at Hotel Dare, in the ‘free shit that doesn’t suck’ shop) ♥ yay!” Easy peasy was my first thought. I located Yabusaka’s main store and find very pretty kimonos in the small mall area with a landmark to a larger store. I look up what geta’s are because I FAIL in this area of expertise. They are the little square wooden shoes on risers (zouri’s are oval shaped on the same riser type of deal-i-o) I find a few I am interested in but I decide to just have a look at a few other stores. I found the worlds most amazing Kimonos ever but 1200 was a bit out of my price range for something I would not be wearing often.  I look around a bit more at shops because at this point I am just interested in all the pretty patterns and style, but in the end I head back to the original store and pick out my favorite there.

It is bedazzled with a white chrysanthemum pattern and comes with the two things I really wanted: prim sleeves and collar. It also came with a darling little handbag and the geta shoes she had mentioned. Achariya had wanted me to try the traditional hair from Zero Style but after all the other shopping I had done for the challenge I was trying to scale back a bit. Plus the hair was 500 smackers! Ouch. So in digging through my inventory I found a traditional style from Aoharu. It’s really nice, with a great shine and I think this will work nicely. I began a hunt for hair decorations because had I bought the Zero Style hair I would have gotten them.

I found Flower & Willow and though I should have gotten the January kanzashi but I liked the look of the May better and maybe I am anxious for warmer months to arrive! The last suggestion she had was an appropriate skin and she mentioned the skin from Mijn Boa at Hotel Dare. I knew I had it in my inventory somewhere but it was gonna be easier to go over there and find it again than dig it out of my inventory. It was a toss up as to which took longer. The new location of the Free Shit store in in the large building in the center. Very sneaky and difficult to find. I located the geisha skin it’s not your typical geisha look but it has a nice soft look. I feel like I am channeling Memories of a Geisha now. many thanks to Achariya for putting this great challenge out there for us all to enjoy and thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, it was great fun for me!

Wearing ~

Hair – Japanese Traditional Hairfrom Aoharu
Skin – Ma Peau Dare’s geishas V2.0 by Mijn Boa
Comb (right) – Metal Ogi Kanzashi ~ Miyagawacho from Tenran
Hair decorations – May Maiko Kanzashi from Flower & Willow
Kimono – Kimono momoro from NONKO

Photos taken at House of Blade Mall

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